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The People That Time Forgot Details


In this fantasy adventure tale based on a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ben McBride (Patrick Wayne) sets out to find Bowen Tyler (Doug McClure), a fellow explorer who was lost during an expedition to the island of Caprone, a tropical oasis in the midst of the arctic. McBride arrives at Caprone to discover that Tyler is fending off tribes of savage cavemen, doing battle with strange prehistoric beasts, and contending with frequent volcanic erruptions. Of course, life on Caprone isn't all bad, as a glimpse of Tyler's significant other Ajor (Dana Gillespie) would suggest, but the men still face many significant challenges as they try to get off the island and back to civilization. The People That Time Forgot was Doug McClure's third go-round in an Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure vehicle, following adaptations of Dana Gillespie and Dana Gillespie. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Patrick Wayne
as Ben McBride
Doug McClure
as Bowen Tyler
Sarah Douglas
as Lady Charlotte "Charly"
Dana Gillespie
as Ajor
Thorley Walters
as Norfolk
Shane Rimmer
as Hogan
John Hallam
as Chang-Sha
David Prowse
as Executioner
Kiran Shah
as Bolum
Richard Parmentier
as Lt. Whitby
Milton Reid
as Sabbala
David Prowse
as Executioner
Richard Parmentier
as Lt. Whitby
John Hallam
as Chang-Sha
Kiran Shah
as Bolum


Kevin Connor
John Dark
Patrick Tilley
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Book Author
Alan Hume
Barry Peters
Maurice Carter
Production Designer
Bert Davey
Art Director
Simon Wakefield
Set Designer
Brenda Dabbs
Costume Designer
Daryl Bristow
Costume Designer
John Richardson
Special Effects
Ian Wingrove
Special Effects
Robin Grantham