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The Paper Details


Director Ron Howard's drama follows a beleaguered reporter during a hectic 24 hours at a New York City tabloid. Michael Keaton stars as Henry Hackett, a metro editor for the struggling New York Sun. Hackett is being wooed by the Sentinel, a more upscale paper, but he's addicted to the adrenaline-stimulating, breakneck pace of the Sun's newsroom, much to the consternation of his pregnant wife Martha (Marisa Tomei. Hackett is currently pursuing a story of two minority youths who have been arrested for the murders of two men. He learns that the police think that the killings may be a mob hit. In the court of public opinion, however, the innocent suspects are being judged as guilty, and the police may bow to the pressure. As Hackett and his staff desperately work all the story's angles to find the truth, several other dramas unfold. Top editor Bernie (Robert Duvall) learns that he has prostate cancer, and tough publisher Alicia (Glenn Close) wonders if her lack of popularity is due to her cost-cutting, her personality, or the fact that she's a woman. In their only collaboration, screenwriter David Koepp co-wrote the script with his brother Stephen Koepp, a senior editor at Time magazine. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:March 18, 1994


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Randy Newman Best Song 1994 Nominee


Michael Keaton
as Henry Hackett
Robert Duvall
as Bernie White
Glenn Close
as Alicia Clark
Marisa Tomei
as Martha Hackett
Randy Quaid
as McDougal
Jason Robards, Jr.
as Graham Keighley
Jason Alexander
as Marion Sandusky
Spalding Gray
as Paul Bladden
Catherine O'Hara
as Susan
Lynne Thigpen
as Janet
Jack Kehoe
as Phil
Roma Maffia
as Carmen
Clint Howard
as Ray Blaisch
Geoffrey Owens
as Lou
Amelia Campbell
as Robin
William Prince
as Henry's Father
Augusta Dabney
as Henry's Mother
Bruce Altman
as Carl
Jack McGee
as Wilder
James Ritz
as A.C. Repairman
Rance Howard
as Alicia's Doctor
Janet Hirshenson
Divina Cook
as Sobbing Woman
Gary Dourdan
as Copy Guy
Joe Pentangelo
as Arresting Officer
Herb Lovelle
as Victor
Louisa Marie
as Sentinel Receptionist
Michael P. Moran
as Chuck
Bobo Lewis
as Anna
Harsh Nayyar
as Attendant
Victor Truro
as Bernie's Doctor
William Kunstler
as Himself
Richard Price
as Himself
Donna Hanover
as Herself
Jane Jenkins
Jill Hennessy
as Deanne White
Paul Geier
as Doctor Porter
Sally Jane Heit
as Grace
Myra Taylor
as Mother
Cedric Young
as Martha's Paramedic
Siobhan Fallon
as Lisa
Jack A. O'Connell
as Press Operator
Kurt Loder
as Himself
Joe Viviani
as Max
Miles Watson
as A.C. Repairman
Michael Countryman
as Emmett
Pete Hamill
as Himself
Stephen Koepp
as German Newsperson
Jean Speegle Howard
as Hospital Volunteer
John Bentley
as Paste-Up Person
Julie Donatt
as Kathy


Ron Howard
Frederick Zollo
Brian Grazer
David Koepp
Stephen Koepp
John Seale
Randy Newman
Composer (Music Score)
Danny Michael
Musical Direction/Supervision
Todd Hallowell
Production Designer
Maher Ahmad
Art Director
David Koepp
Louisa Velis
Associate Producer
Aldric La'Auli Porter
Associate Producer
Dylan Sellers
Executive Producer
Todd Hallowell
Executive Producer
Debra Schutt
Set Decorator
Rita Ryack
Costume Designer
Aldric La'Auli Porter
First Assistant Director
Bruce MacCallum
Camera Operator
Jane Jenkins
Janet Hirshenson