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A young boy overcomes his obsessive fears by discovering a love for books in this animated fantasy adventure. In a live action wraparound, [[Performer~P16081~Macaulay Culkin~macaulayculkin]] stars as Richard Tyler, an easily bullied, nervous wreck of a kid who's an expert on safety statistics. His mother and father ([[Performer~P30659~Mel Harris~melharris]] and [[Performer~P5007~Ed Begley, Jr.~edbegleyjr]]) don't know how to inspire their son to embrace life boldly. Barely able to leave the house, Richard ventures out one day, but he gets lost in a storm and ends up at a mysterious library. Inside, he slips, knocks himself unconscious and finds himself in a cartoon realm where books come to life. Guided by Adventure ([[Performer~P68265~Patrick Stewart~patrickstewart]]), Fantasy ([[Performer~P27431~Whoopi Goldberg~whoopigoldberg]]) and Horror ([[Performer~P116358~Frank Welker~frankwelker]]), Tyler experiences the adventures of classic novels such as Moby Dick and Treasure Island, and he even meets some famed fictional characters, such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ([[Performer~P104553~Leonard Nimoy~leonardnimoy]]). Through his experiences in the pages of the legendary books, Richard confronts his phobias and learns to face life more courageously. The Pagemaster was directed by [[Performer~P96246~Joe Johnston~joejohnston]], a former special effects supervisor and production designer who later directed [[Feature~V135482~Jumanji~jumanji]] (1995) and [[Feature~V176022~October Sky~octobersky]] (1999). ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:November 23, 1994


Macaulay Culkin
as Richard Tyler
Christopher Lloyd
as Mr. Dewey
Ed Begley, Jr.
as Alan Tyler
Mel Harris
as Claire Tyler
Patrick Stewart
as Pirate Book "Adventure"
Whoopi Goldberg
as Fairy Grandmother "Fantasy"
Frank Welker
as Dragon
Leonard Nimoy
as "Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde"
Christopher Lloyd
as The Pagemaster
George Hearn
as Captain Ahab
Alexis Kirschner
as Neighborhood kid
Jessica Kirschner
as Neighborhood kid
Phil Hartman
as Tom Morgan
Jim Cummings
as Long John Silver
Ed Gilbert
as George Merry
B.J. Ward
as Queen of Hearts
Charles Fleischer
Dorian Harewood
as Jamaican Pirates
Brandon McKay
as Neighborhood kid
Robert Picardo
as Pirate


Joe Johnston
Paul Gertz
Michael R. Joyce
David Kirschner
David Kirschner
Ernie Contreras
Alexander Gruszynski
James Horner
Composer (Music Score)
Kaja Fehr
Jeffrey Patch
Marie Cantin
Production Designer
Gay Lawrence
Production Designer
Maurice Hunt
Art Director
David Steinberg
Claire Glidden
Associate Producer
Robin Lewis
Costume Designer
Steve Maslow
Sound/Sound Designer
Steve Nelson
Sound/Sound Designer
Betsy Magruder
First Assistant Director
Robert Lence
Bruce W. Smith
Amy Kimmelman
Maurice Hunt
Animation Director
Ted Chu
First Assistant Camera