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The Noose Hangs High Details


For their first independently-produced vehicle, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello chose to appear in a remake of the 1939 Universal programmer Lou Costello. Bud and Lou are cast as Ted and Tommy, two bumbling window washers hired by gangster Mike Craig (Joseph Calleila) to collect a $50,000 gambling debt. The boys manage to pick up the money, only to deliver it to the wrong person, a pretty private secretary named Carol (Cathy Downs). Ordered to retrieve the money within 24 hours "or else," Ted and Tommy trace the cash to Carol, who has mistakenly distributed it amongst the entries in a mailing list. As our heroes desperately concoct methods of escaping Craig's wrath, eccentric gambler Julius Caesar McBride (Leon Errol), the man who "never loses," comes to the rescue. Despite its seeming complexity, the plot exists merely as a peg on which to hang several of Abbott and Costello's best routines, including "Bet you 10 dollars you're not here," "Hole in the Wall," "Packing and unpacking," "Getting Arrested," and, best of all, "Mudder and Fodder." Beyond the seven credited actors, the huge unbilled supporting cast includes such reliable laugh-getters as Benny Rubin, Murray Leonard, Elvia Allman, Herb Vigran, Fred Kelsey, James Flavin, Lyle Latell, Isabel Randolph and Paul Maxey. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Lou Costello
as Homer Hinchcliffe
Bud Abbott
as Ted Higgins
Cathy Downs
as Carol Scott
Joseph Calleia
as Mike Craig
Leon Errol
as Julius Caesar McBride
Mike Mazurki
as Chuck
Jack Overman
as Joe
Fritz Feld
as Psychiatrist
Fred Kelsey
as Cop
Ben Welden
as Stewart
Chalky Williams
as Cab Driver
Benny Rubin
as Chinese
Pat Flaherty
as Tough Driver
Russell Hicks
as Manager
Bess Flowers
as Patient
Arno Frey
as Headwaiter
Lyle Latell
as Workman
Frank O'Connor
as Postman
Murray Leonard
as Crazy Dentist
Minerva Urecal
as Husky Woman
Alvin Hammer
as Tipster
Herb Vigran
as Man with Coat
Isabel Randolph
as Miss Van Buren
Elvia Allman
as Bit
Ellen Corby
as Miss Van Buren's Maid
Ralph Montgomery
as Waiter
Vera Martin
as Elevator Girl
Sandra Spence
as Dentist's Assistant
Joe Kirk
as Gangster
James Flavin
as Traffic Cop
Jimmie Dodd
as Messenger
Paul Maxey
as Jewel Proprietor


Charles Barton
Charles Barton
Howard Harris
Daniel Taradash
John Grant
Arthur Horman
Julian Blaustein
Screen Story
Charles Van Enger
Walter Schumann
Composer (Music Score)
Irving Friedman
Musical Direction/Supervision
Harry Reynolds
Edward Ilou
Art Director
Ern Westmore