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The Night We Never Met Details


Two people fall in love without meeting -- and discover a wealth of complications when they try to get together -- in this romantic comedy. Even though he's about to be married, Brian McVeigh (Kevin Anderson) doesn't want to give up his old apartment, where he can swill beer, scarf pizza, and be as much of a slob as he wants. He decides to hold onto his flat as a weekend clubhouse, but he rents it out to other people during the week. Brian's new tenants, sharing the place on alternating days, are Sam (Matthew Broderick), an aspiring gourmet chef who's just been dumped by his spacey girlfriend Pastel (Jeanne Tripplehorn), and Ellen (Annabella Sciorra), who is stuck in an unhappy marriage and wants a place to work on her art. Ellen mistakenly assumes that Brian is the guy who leaves her gourmet snacks and admiring notes about how much he likes her paintings, and when she sets up a liaison with Brian, she wonders how the seemingly perfect man could be such a loser in person. The Night We Never Met also features Justine Bateman as Brian's fiancée and Christine Baranski as Ellen's best friend. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Matthew Broderick
as Sam Lester
Annabella Sciorra
as Ellen Holder
Kevin Anderson
as Brian McVeigh
Jeanne Tripplehorn
as Pastel
Justine Bateman
as Janet Beehan
Michael Mantell
as Aaron Holder
Christine Baranski
as Lucy
Doris Roberts
as Neighbor
Dominic Chianese
as Neighbor
Tim Guinee
as Kenneth
Greg Germann
as Eddie
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
as Inga
Louise Lasser
as Mrs. Winkler
Ranjit Chowdhry
as Cabbie
Garry Shandling
Katharine Houghton
as Less/More Cheese Lady
Brooke Smith
as Catha
Suzanne Smith
Billy Strong
as Doorman
Steve Goldstein
as 3rd Cheese Man
Lewis Black
as Marty Holder
Kathy Rossetter
as "Excuse Me" Shopper
Suzanne Lanza
as Shep's New Date
Bitty Schram
as Pharmacy Clerk
Michelle Hurst
as Leslie
Michael Imperioli
as Cleaning Customer
Paul Guilfoyle
as Salesman
Richard Poe
as Bartender
Naomi Campbell
as French Cheese Shopper
Billy Hopkins
Paul L.Q. Lee
as Buddha
Davidson Thomson
as Foreign Film Actor


Warren Leight
Michael Peyser
Warren Leight
Camilla Toniolo
Rudd Simmons
Production Designer
Lester Cohen
Production Designer
Daniel Talpers
Art Director
Rudd Simmons
Daniel Rogosin
Associate Producer
Susan Seidelman
Associate Producer
Mary Anne Page
Associate Producer
Bob Weinstein
Executive Producer
Harvey Weinstein
Executive Producer
Sidney Kimmel
Executive Producer
Jessica Lanier
Set Designer
Ellen Lutter
Costume Designer
William Sarokin
Sound/Sound Designer
Suzanne Smith
Rudd Simmons
Production Manager
Billy Hopkins