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The Muppets Take Manhattan Details


Jim Henson's Muppets find themselves in Manhattan yearning to get a musical on Broadway in this charming film that also chides show business and its foibles. Kermit the Frog has just put together a successful variety show at Danhurst college (probably somewhere between Amherst and Dartmouth), and although he would like to mount it on Broadway so he would have a hit and be able to marry Miss Piggy, he cannot find backers. The Muppets are then forced to take jobs to support themselves, and it is while working as a waiter that Kermit meets the friendly Jennie (Juliana Donald). Jennie is the daughter of the owner of the restaurant and a source of great jealousy for Miss Piggy, who does not like competition. With stunning musical numbers involving a hundred or so Muppets and on-scene locations in New York City, the film is impressive in its merging of technical achievements and acting. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:July 13, 1984


Jim Henson
as Kermit the Frog
Frank Oz
as Animal
Frank Oz
as Fozzie Bear
Frank Oz
as Miss Piggy
Dave Goelz
as Bill (frog)
Dave Goelz
as Chester Rat
Dave Goelz
as Gonzo
Dave Goelz
as Zoot
Steve Whitmire
as Rizzo the Rat/Gil
Juliana Donald
as Jenny
Jerry Nelson
as Camilla
Lonny Price
as Ronnie
Louis Zorich
as Pete
Karen Prell
as Yolanda Rat
Brian Muehl
as Tatooey Rat
David Rudman
as Additional Muppet Performer
Glenngo King
Art Carney
as Guest Star
Graham Brown
as Mr. Wrightson
Sandra Bernhard
Gates McFadden
as Mr. Price's Secretary
Jerry Nelson
as Floyd
Jerry Nelson
as Lew Zealand
Don Quigley
as Man in Bleachers
Alice Spivak
as Pete's Customer
Gary Tacon
as Thief in Central Park
Milton Seaman
as Customer at Sardi's
Norman Bush
as Cop
Ron Foster
as Man in Winesop's Office
Kathryn Mullen
as Jill the Frog
Hector Troy
as Cop
Jane Hunt
as Sardi's Customer
Joe Jamrog
as Cop in Central Park
Vic Polizos
as Construction Worker
Wade Barnes
as Customer at Sardi's
Jim Henson
as Dr. Teeth
Jim Henson
as Rowlf
Jim Henson
as Swedish Chef
Jim Henson
as Waldorf
John Bentley
as Train Conductor


Frank Oz
David Lazer
Jim Henson
Frank Oz
Tom Patchett
Screen Story
Tom Patchett
Evan Lottman
Stephen Hendrickson
Production Designer
W. Steven Graham
Art Director
Jim Henson
Executive Producer
Polly Smith
Set Designer
Calista Hendrickson
Costume Designer
Polly Smith
Costume Designer
Les Lazarowitz
Sound/Sound Designer
Timothy M. Bourne
First Assistant Director
Tony Gittleson
First Assistant Director
Jim Henson
Ezra Swerdlow
Production Manager
Fern Buchner
Vic Magnotta
Stunts Coordinator
Wayne Massarelli