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The Muppets Details


When an evil oil man discovers black gold beneath Muppet Theater, Kermit recruits a Muppet super-fan and his two best friends to help gather up the gang for a telethon that will save the venue from being razed and replaced with a giant oil pump. Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) never met an oil field he couldn't suck dry. So when Tex discovers a bountiful reservoir right underneath Muppet Theater, he begins drawing up plans to claim the land and start drilling. Little does Tex realize that devoted Muppets fan Walter is currently in Los Angeles with his best friends Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams), and that he's not about to let one man's greed spoil a good thing for everyone. With Kermit by their side, Walter, Gary, and Mary hatch a plan to put on a big telethon that will help them raise the ten million dollars needed to keep Muppet Theater standing. But rounding up the gang won't be easy, because these days Miss Piggy's got a posh job at Vogue Paris; Fozzie has landed a gig at a Reno casino; Gonzo has become the owner of a successful plumbing company; and Animal is dealing with anger management issues in a Santa Barbara clinic. With the drilling deadline fast drawing near and Tex wringing his hands in anticipation, the gang races to put on the performance of a lifetime and save Muppet Theater from certain destruction. Directed by James Bobin and written by Segel and Nicholas Stoller, The Muppets Movie features cameos by Zach Galifianakis, Billy Crystal, Jack Black, Alan Arkin, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, among others. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:November 23, 2011


Awarded by
British Academy of Film and Television Arts James Bobin Best First Feature By a British Writer, Director, or Producer 2012 Nominee
Broadcast Film Critics Association Jason Segel Best Song 2011 Nominee
Broadcast Film Critics Association Jeannie Lurie Best Song 2011 Nominee
Broadcast Film Critics Association Amy Adams Best Song 2011 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Bret McKenzie Best Original Song 2011 Winner
Broadcast Film Critics Association Bret McKenzie Best Song 2011 Nominee


Jason Segel
as Gary
Amy Adams
as Mary
Chris Cooper
as Tex Richman
Rashida Jones
as CDE Executive
Steve Whitmire
as Kermit
Eric Jacobson
as Miss Piggy
Eric Jacobson
as Fozzie Bear
Eric Jacobson
as Animal
Dave Goelz
as Gonzo
Bill Barretta
as Swedish Chef
Peter Linz
as Walter
Alan Arkin
as Tour Guide
Bill Cobbs
as Grandfather
Zach Galifianakis
as Hobo Joe
Ken Jeong
as "Punch Teacher" Host
Jim Parsons
as Human Walter
Eddie Pepitone
as Postman
Kristen Schaal
as Moderator
Sarah Silverman
as Greeter
Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo
as TV Executive
Raymond Ma
as Elderly Asian Man
Tuan Shu Lan
as Elderly Aisan Woman
Donald Glover
as Junior CDE Executive
Dahlia Waingort
as TV Executive
Don Yanan
as Reporter Two
Justin Marco
as Gary Age 13
Steve Whitmire
as Beaker
Steve Whitmire
as Statler
Steve Whitmire
as Rizzo
Eric Jacobson
as Sam Eagle
Eric Jacobson
as Marvin Suggs
Dave Goelz
as Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
Dave Goelz
as Zoot
Dave Goelz
as Beauregard
Dave Goelz
as Waldorf
Dave Goelz
as Kermit Moopet
Bill Barretta
as Rowlf
Bill Barretta
as Dr. Teeth
Bill Barretta
as Pepe the Prawn
Bill Barretta
as Bobo
Bill Barretta
as Fozzie Moopet
David Rudman
as Scooter
David Rudman
as Janice
David Rudman
as Miss Poogy


James Bobin
David Hoberman
Todd Lieberman
Nicholas Stoller
Jason Segel
Don Burgess
Bret McKenzie
Musical Direction/Supervision
Bret McKenzie
Christophe Beck
Composer (Music Score)
Steve Saklad
Production Designer
Andrew Cahn
Art Director
Bill Barretta
Associate Producer
Jason Segel
Executive Producer
Martin G. Baker
Executive Producer
Nicholas Stoller
Executive Producer
John G. Scotti
Executive Producer
Rahel Afiley
Costume Designer
Josh King
First Assistant Director
Matthew Moriarty
Camera Operator
Marcia Ross
Gail Goldberg
Kevin O'Connell
Sound Mixer
Beau Borders
Sound Mixer
Steve Cantamessa
Sound Mixer
Tracey Levy
Key Make-up
John G. Scotti
Unit Production Manager
Gintar Repecka
Special Effects Technician
Jill Breitzman
Post Production Supervisor
Helen Jen
Visual Effects Coordinator
Hector Gika
Sound Effects Editor
Allan Graf
Second Unit Director
Allan Graf
Stunts Coordinator
Max Ivins
Visual Effects Supervisor
Alan E. Baumgarten
Additional Editing
Ronnie Specter
Department Head Makeup
Trevor Waterson
Production Supervisor
Alan E. Baumgarten
Additional Editing
Troy Dederick
Special Effects Foreman
Suzanne Cranfill
Costumes Supervisor
Karen Golden
Script Supervisor
Gigi Williams
Jesse Noel
Special Effects Technician
Audrey Anzures
Hair Styles
Benjamin Cook
Sound Effects Director
J. Alan Scott
Special Effects Supervisor
Kami Asgar
Supervising Sound Editor
Nina Paskowitz
Key Hairstylist
Andrew Loschin
Visual Effects Editor
Nick Rufca
Production Coordinator
Brian F. Relyea
Second Assistant Director
Lisa Jaime
Music Editor