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The Man Who Wouldn't Die Details


20th Century-Fox's is based on , a "Merlini the Great" mystery penned by Clayton Rawson. Alas, magician-sleuth Merlini has been reduced to an expository bit role, and the property has been converted into a "Michael Shayne" series entry. In the first scene, three men-industrialist Dudley Wolff (Paul Harvey), Wolff's secretary Dunning (Robert Emmet Keane) and research scientist Dr. Haggard (Henry Wilcoxon)-are shown disposing of a corpse in the dead of night. Shortly afterward, Wolff's daughter Catherine (Marjorie Weaver) shows up unexpectedly, with news of her recent marriage. Wolff and his confreres manage to keep their body-burying activities a secret from Catherine, but later that night her bedroom is invaded by a gun-wielding stranger-who happens to be the "body" buried in Scene One! Deducing that something is amiss, Catherine summons her old friend, detective Michael Shayne (Lloyd Nolan), to come to the Wolff mansion to investigate. So that Mike can move about without arousing suspicion, Catherine pretends that he's her new husband-which, of course, inevitably leads to chaos and confusion when the real hubby (Richard Derr) shows up. Before this happens, however, another murder takes place, apparently committed by that very active corpse, and it is this plus several randomly placed clues which prompts Mike to consult his magician pal Radini for advice. The suspect list includes Wolff's young wife Anne (Helene Reynolds) and Phillips the butler (Billy Bevan), while the "official" authorities are represented by bucolic Chief Meek (Olin Howlin) and dour coroner Larsen (Jeff Corey). More interesting for its supporting cast than its story, is one of the lesser Michael Shayne mysteries, with Shayne seeming to be arbitrarily inserted in the proceedings. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Lloyd Nolan
as Michael Shayne
Marjorie Weaver
as Catherine Wolff
Helene Reynolds
as Anne Wolff
Henry Wilcoxon
as Dr. Haggard
Richard Derr
as Roger Blake
Paul Harvey
as Dudley Wolff
Billy Bevan
as Phillips, the Butler
Olin Howland
as Chief Meek
Robert Emmett Keane
as Alfred Dunning
LeRoy Mason
as Zorah Bey
Jeff Corey
as Coroner Larson
Francis Ford
as Caretaker
Dorothy Malone


Herbert I. Leeds
Sol Wurtzel
Arnaud D'Usseau
Joe MacDonald
David Raksin
Composer (Music Score)
Emil Newman
Musical Direction/Supervision
Fred Allen
Richard Day
Art Director