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The Life of David Gale Details


The mystery of one man's guilt or innocence literally becomes a matter of life and death in this drama. David Gale (Kevin Spacey) was the head of the philosophy department at Austin University and the author of several well-regarded books; he was also an active and visible member of Deathwatch, an anti-capital punishment activist group. One of Gale's best friends was Constance Harraway (Laura Linney), a fellow Deathwatch activist with whom he became especially close, particularly since Gale's wife, Sharon (Elizabeth Gast), who had taken a lover in Spain, was usually absent. One night, Gale was seduced by an attractive student from his class, Berlin (Rhona Mitra), who had too much to drink; later, the remorseful student accused Gale of rape. While Gale was eventually cleared of the charges, the negative publicity cost him his career as an educator, and with no job and no wife, Gale turned to drink. When Harraway was found raped and murdered a few years later, Gale was charged with the crime, and convicted despite the best efforts of his well-meaning but ineffectual lawyer Braxton Belyeu (Leon Rippy). Now Gale awaits execution, and less than a week before his date with the fatal injection, Gale agrees to tell his story to Bitsey Bloom (Kate Winslet), a nervy journalist from a major newsmagazine, who arrives with her assistant, Zack Stemmons (Gabriel Mann). As Bloom discusses the facts of the Harraway murder with Gale, it occurs to her that the details simply don't add up, and soon a mysterious stranger slips evidence to her that suggests Gale has been framed -- leaving Bloom and Stemmons only a few days to solve the mystery and save Gale from the executioner. The Life of David Gale was co-produced by actor Nicolas Cage, who originally commissioned the script and intended to star in the film before prior commitments led him to hand the project over to director Alan Parker. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:February 21, 2003


Kevin Spacey
as Dr. Gale
Kate Winslet
as Bitsey Bloom
Laura Linney
as Constance Harraway
Gabriel Mann
as Zack Stemmons
Matt Craven
as Dusty Wright
Leon Rippy
as Braxton Belyeu
Elizabeth Gast
as Sharon Gale
Cleo King
as Barbara Kreuster
Lee Ritchey
as Joe Mullarkey
Michael Crabtree
as Gov. Hardin
George Haynes
as Interviewee
Kirk Sisco
as TV Reporter
Larissa Wolcott
as Babysitter
Gwyn Little
as Religious Woman
Charles Sanders
as John
Janis Kelly
as Liù
Julia LaShae
as New Homeowner
Rick Morrow
as Section 1835 Guard
Vernon Grote
as Door Guard
Ampero Moreno
as Sharon's Maid
Brenda Sendejo
as Belyeu's Assistant
Chris Warner
as Hospital Orderly
Maurice Moore
as Belyeu's Clerk
Chuck Cureau
as Greer
Joan Gispert
as Guillermo
Marco Perella
as TV Host
Kathy Lamkin
as Interviewee
Julia Kay-Laskowski
as TV Soprano
Nick Dawson
as Interviewee
Amparo Garcia
as TV Reporter
Sean Hennigan
as Ross
Jack Gould
as Chaplain
Steve Flanagin
as Interviewee
Noah Truesdale
as Jamie Gale
Pilar Ferreiro
as Barcelona Neighbor
Chris Drewy
as Radio Shed Executive
Oliver Tull
as TV Reporter
Michael Fontaine
as TV Assistant Director
James Huston
as Death Watch Chief/TV Reporter
Jennifer Halverson
as College Girl
Jim Beaver
as Duke Grover
Rhona Mitra
as Berlin
Julio Cedillo
as Officer Ramirez
Cassandra L. Small
as TV Reporter
Patrick Fries
as News Cameraman
Melissa McCarthy
as Goth Girl "Nico"
Brandy Little
as Motel Waitress
Cindy Waite
as Margie
Katherine Willis
as Bullhorn Protester
Catenya McHenry
as TV Reporter
Kimberly Tortorice
as Grad Student
Jack Watkins
as Photographer
Michelle Valen
as TV Reporter
Robert Lott
as Bullhorn Protester
Justin Lavender
as Calaf
Jeff Gibbs
as Josh
Katie Lott
as Berlin's Classmate
Lynn Mathis
as Warden
Tanya Zieger
as TV Reporter
Matthew Posey
as Inmate Cook
Cliff Stephens
as University President
Evelyn Lindsey
as Interviewee
Christopher Meister
as Officer Hasermann
Donald Braswell
as TV Tenor
Brian Orr
as TV Reporter
Mark Voges
as Bullhorn Protester
Katina Potts
as Rosie
Asia DeMarcos
as TV Reporter
Jesse De Luna
as Supervising Guard


Alan Parker
Alan Parker
Nicolas Cage
Charles Randolph
Michael Seresin
Gerry Hambling
Geoffrey Kirkland
Production Designer
Jennifer Williams
Art Director
Steve Arnold
Art Director
Lisa Moran
Moritz Borman
Moritz Borman
Executive Producer
Norm Golightly
Executive Producer
Nigel Sinclair
Executive Producer
Guy East
Executive Producer
Jennifer Williams
Set Designer
Elizabeth Shelton
Costume Designer
Brian Steward
First Assistant Director
K.C. Hodenfield
First Assistant Director
Philip Hardage
First Assistant Director
Jeff Okabayashi
First Assistant Director
Mike Proudfoot
Camera Operator
John Hubbard
Silvia Menendez-Cauche
Jo Edna Boldin
Howard Feuer
Juliet Taylor
Kerry Rossall
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Anna Behlmer
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Louis Elman
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Andi Scull
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Russell Tyrrell
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Sarah Monzani
Pauline Griffiths
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Patricia Kerrigan
Casting Associate
Andy Nelson
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Craig Denham
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ADR Recordist
David Luckenbach
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David MacMillan
Production Sound
Drew Dillard
Location Manager
Eddy Joseph
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Ellen Lampl
Graphic Design
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Music Editor