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The Last Supper Details


If you met Adolph Hitler when he was just a struggling cartoonist, wouldn't you have done the world a big favor by murdering him? That philosophical question provides the linchpin of this black comedy. Jude ([[Performer~P195733~Cameron Diaz~camerondiaz]]), Pete ([[Performer~P21476~Ron Eldard~roneldard]]), Paulie ([[Performer~P27125~Annabeth Gish~annabethgish]]), Marc ([[Performer~P55936~Jonathan Penner~jonathanpenner]]), and Luke ([[Performer~P72947~Courtney B. Vance~courtneybvance]]) are five graduate students who are confirmed members of the political left, participate in small-scale activism, and share a house together. One night, Pete is stuck in the middle of nowhere, and Zack ([[Performer~P55571~Bill Paxton~billpaxton]]), a truck driver, gives him a lift home. The housemates are just about to sit down to dinner, so to show his gratitude, Pete asks Zack to join them. However, it soon becomes obvious that Zack doesn't share the group's political views, and when he states that he thinks Hitler had the right idea, the argument turns into a fight, with Zack brandishing a knife. The trucker is accidentally killed in the scuffle, and rather than report the death to the police, his body is buried in the backyard vegetable garden. However, the event prompts much discussion among the housemates -- if Zack was a hateful bigot, isn't the world better off without him? And wouldn't killing other ignorant hatemongers improve society all the more? Before long, the group is having a weekly dinner party in which they invite a special guest -- including an anti-environmental activist ([[Performer~P832~Jason Alexander~jasonalexander]]), a right-wing religious leader ([[Performer~P20780~Charles Durning~charlesdurning]]), a sexist who doesn't believe there's such a thing as rape ([[Performer~P30474~Mark Harmon~markharmon]]), and a teenager campaigning against sex education in schools ([[Performer~P199984~Erin Bryn~brynerin]]) -- and serve them some wine, which happens to be laced with arsenic. While the group's attempt at community improvement does wonders for their tomato plants, the recent disappearances eventually attract the attention of the local sheriff ([[Performer~P20629~Nora Dunn~noradunn]]). The Last Supper was the first feature for director [[Performer~P203362~Stacy Title~stacytitle]], who won an Academy Award for her short subject Down on the Waterfront; screenwriter [[Performer~P203053~Dan Rosen~danrosen]] appears in a supporting role as a police deputy. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Cameron Diaz
as Jude
Ron Eldard
as Pete
Annabeth Gish
as Paulie
Jonathan Penner
as Marc
Courtney B. Vance
as Luke
Jason Alexander
as The Anti-Environmentalist
Dan Rosen
as Deputy Hartford
Amy Hill
as Illegal Alien Hater
Nora Dunn
as Sheriff Alice Stanley
Bryn Erin
as Heather
Pamela Gien
as Illiterate Librarian
Gil Segel
as Iowa Resident at Door
Rachel Chagall
as Abortion Activist
Mark Harmon
as Todd Thatcher
Bill Paxton
as Zack
Ron Perlman
as Norman Arbuthnot
Warren Hutcherson
as Nation Man
Charles Durning
as Rev. Gerald Hutchens
Elisabeth Moss
as Jenny
Matt Cooper
as Jerk in Coffee Shop


Stacy Title
Dan Rosen
Mark Mothersbaugh
Composer (Music Score)
Luis Colina
Linda Burton
Production Designer
Dan Rosen
Jonathan Penner
Associate Producer
Stacy Title
Associate Producer
Stacy Title
Executive Producer
Jonathan Penner
Executive Producer
Leesa Evans
Costume Designer