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The Last Gangster Details


Edward G. Robinson offers an excellent turn as a crime lord obsessed with the welfare of his son in this melodramatic crime story. The lad is born while the notorious Robinson serves 10 years. Unfortunately, the press hound the babies mother and constantly derider her until a kinder reporter takes pity and begins writing stories to support her. This angers his editor who fires him. One day Robinson's wife goes to visit him and he behaves like a brute. She is so shocked that she ends her marriage and hooks up with the reporter. Together, they move far away to start successful new lives. A decade later, Robinson gets out and begins searching for his boy. Unfortunately, he also gets talked into his gangster activities by an old cohort. The gang, however turns on him and forces him to reveal the location of a large cache of loot that he hid before entering the slammer. Tough old Robinson won't tell them, so they kidnap his son.Fortunately, Robinson and the lad escape. The gangster tries to get to know his boy, but the child wants nothing to do with him. Angered, Robinson swears vengeance upon his ex and her new spouse. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Edward G. Robinson
as Joe Krozak
James Stewart
as Paul North, Sr.
Lionel Stander
as Curly
John Carradine
as Caspar
Sidney Blackmer, Sr.
as San Francisco Editor
Grant Mitchell
as Warden
Edward S. Brophy
as Fats Garvey
Alan Baxter
as Acey Kile
Louise Beavers
as Gloria
Edward Pawley
as Brockett
Walter Miller
as Mike Kile
Lee Phelps
as Train Guard
Charles Sullivan
as Convict
Brooks Benedict
as Convict
Jack Pennick
as Convict in Dinner Hall Fight
Billy Arnold
as Father
Frank Conroy
as Sid Gorman
Jerry Jerome
as Hood
Frederick Burton
as Boston Editor
Broderick O'Farrell
as Father
Edward Marr
as Frankie Kile
Pierre Watkin
as Editor
Sam Finn
as Convict
Eddie Parker
as Federal Man
Larry Simms
as Jo Krozac
Fredrik Vogeding
as Ambassador
Horace McMahon
as Limpy
Huey White
as Convict
William Benedict
as Office Boy
Cyril Ring
as Father
Ben Welden
as Bottles Bailey
George Magrill
Don "Red" Barry
as Billy Ernst
John Kelly
as Red
Moroni Olsen
as Shea
Joan Blondell
Charles Coleman
as Krozac's Butler
Allen Mathews
as Convict
Arthur Howard
as Father
Cy Kendall
as Editor
Ivan Miller
as Wilson
Douglas McPhail
as Reporter
Priscilla Lawson
as Girl in Dive
Wade Boteler
as Turnkey
Phillip Terry
as 1st Reporter
Willard Robertson
as Broderick
Al Hill
as Convict


Edward Ludwig
John Lee Mahin
William H. Daniels
Edward Ward
Composer (Music Score)
Edwin B. Willis
Production Designer
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Edwin B. Willis
Set Designer
Costume Designer
Douglas Shearer
Sound/Sound Designer