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The Island of Dr. Moreau Details


On a remote tropical island, Dr. Moreau has appointed himself ruler over a menagerie of genetic mutants fashioned in his gene-splicing chamber of horrors. The products of his misguided attempt to create a more "pure" human species, the man-beasts worship Moreau as their god and "father" and live by his code of law -- a code rigidly enforced by radio-operated implants in their bodies capable of inflicting pain and death. Into this surreal nightmare arrives UN negotiator Edward Douglas (David Thewlis), the sole survivor of an airplane crash. Douglas is brought ashore on Moreau's island -- against his better judgment -- by the doctor's insane, drug-addled assistant, Montgomery (Val Kilmer), and eventually becomes a prisoner. Horrified by the doctor's monstrous experiments and afraid for his own life, Douglas seeks the aid of Moreau's lovely daughter, Aissa (Fairuza Balk), in escaping the island, but is foiled at every turn by Montgomery and his armed man-beast lackeys. Eventually, the creatures discover the existence of their electronic implants and remove them, providing the opportunity for an armed rebellion -- but eventual regression into their original animal state causes their revolt to collapse into anarchy. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

  • Release date:August 23, 1996


Marlon Brando
as Dr. Moreau
Val Kilmer
as Montgomery
David Thewlis
as Douglas
Fairuza Balk
as Aissa
Ron Perlman
as Sayer Of The Law
Marco Hofschneider
as M'Ling
Temuera Morrison
as Azazello
William Hootkins
as Kiril
Daniel Rigney
as Hyena-Swine
Nelson de la Rosa
as Majai
William Hootkins
as Kiril
Temuera Morrison
as Azazello
Daniel Rigney
as Hyena-Swine


John Frankenheimer
Edward R. Pressman
Richard Stanley
Ron Hutchinson
William A. Fraker
Gary Chang
Composer (Music Score)
Paul Rubell
Graham "Grace" Walker
Production Designer
Ian Gracie
Art Director
Tim Zinnemann
Executive Producer
Leslie Crawford
Set Designer
Beverly Dunn
Set Designer
Norma Moriceau
Costume Designer
David Lee
Sound/Sound Designer
James Sbardellati
First Assistant Director
Glenn Boswell
Ross Emery
Camera Operator
Valerie McCaffrey
Michael Z. Hanan
Second Unit Director
Stan Winston
Special Effects Supervisor