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The Indian in the Cupboard Details


Based on the popular children's book by Lynne Reid Banks, this fantasy concerns a young boy who discovers that his toys are developing lives of their own -- which presents him with unexpected responsibilities. Omri (Hal Scardino), a young boy growing up in Brooklyn, receives an odd variety of presents for his birthday: a wooden cabinet from his older brother, a set of antique keys from his mother Jane (Linsday Crouse), and a tiny plastic model of an Indian from his best friend Patrick (Rishi Bhat). Putting them all together, Omri locks the Indian inside the cabinet, only to be awoken by a strange sound in the middle of the night. Omri opens the cabinet to discover that the tiny Indian has come to life; it seems that he's called Little Bear (Litefoot), and he claims to have learned English from settlers in 1761. Omri hides this remarkable discovery from his mother but shares it with Patrick; as an experiment, Patrick locks a toy cowboy into the cupboard, and soon Little Bear has a companion, Boone (David Keith), though predictably, the cowboy and the Indian don't get along well at first. Omri comes to the realizations that his living and breathing playthings are also people with lives of their own, and he begins to wonder how much control he should really have over their lives. The Indian in the Cupboard was directed by Frank Oz, best known as one of the original puppeteers for The Muppets and the voice of Miss Piggy. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:July 14, 1995


Frank Oz
Kathleen Kennedy
Frank Marshall
Jane Startz
Melissa Mathison
Russell Carpenter
Randy Edelman
Randy Edelman
Composer (Music Score)
Ian Crafford
Leslie McDonald
Production Designer
Michelle Wright
Associate Producer
Arthur Repola
Associate Producer
Bernard Williams
Executive Producer
Robert Harris
Executive Producer
Erin Kemp
Set Designer
Deborah L. Scott
Costume Designer
Michael Lantieri
Special Effects
Michele Panelli-Venetis
First Assistant Director
Eric Brevig
Pete Antico
Margery Simkin
Alex Funke
Visual Effects
Felicity Bowring