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The Hudsucker Proxy Details


[[Performer~P85375~Joel Coen~joelcoen]] and [[Performer~P85372~Ethan Coen~ethancoen]] concocted this stylish screwball comedic amalgam of [[Performer~P84082~Frank Capra~frankcapra]] and [[Performer~P93764~Howard Hawks~howardhawks]]. [[Performer~P108437~Tim Robbins~timrobbins]] stars as Norville Barnes, a dull-wit from Muncie, Indiana who wrangles a job with the big Hudsucker Industries. He has a singular idea for a new children's toy that he wants to present to corporate executive Sidney J. Mussberger ([[Performer~P104390~Paul Newman~paulnewman]]). As he makes his way up to Mussberger's office, the company president Waring Hudsucker ([[Performer~P20780~Charles Durning~charlesdurning]]) is on his way down -- through the window of the forty-fourth floor boardroom! Hudsucker's death sets off a panic that Mussberger sees as an opportunity for taking over the company -- by installing a total incompetent in Hudsucker's place and devaluing the stock. When Barnes stumbles into Mussberger's office, Mussberger sees his pigeon and appoints Barnes as the new company president. The only problem is that the new product Barnes proposes for the company, the Hula Hoop, turns out to be a tremendous success, and Mussberger has difficulty manipulating his new corporate president. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:March 11, 1994


Awarded by
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Dennis Gassner Best Production Design 1993 Winner


Tim Robbins
as Norville Barnes
Jennifer Jason Leigh
as Amy Archer
Paul Newman
as Sidney J. Mussburger
Charles Durning
as Waring Hudsucker
John Mahoney
as Chief
Jim True
as Buzz
Bruce Campbell
as Smitty
Joe Grifasi
as Lou
John Seitz
as Benny
Steve Buscemi
as Beatnik Barman
Peter Gallagher
as Vic Tenetta
Anna Nicole Smith
as Za Za
Gary Allen
as Board Member
Mario Todisco
as Norville's Goon
Tom Toner
as Newsroom Reporter
Lou Criscuolo
as Mailroom Screamer
Thom Noble
as Thorstenson Finlandson
Jon Polito
as Mr. Bumstead
Mike Starr
as Newsroom Reporter
Mary Lou Rosato
as Mussburger's Secretary
Richard Woods
as Board Member
Ernest Sarracino
as Luigi the Tailor
John Wylie
as Board Member
Roy Brocksmith
as Board Member
Sam Raimi
as Creative Bullpen
David Byrd
as Dr. Hugo Bronfenbrenner
Ed Lillard
as Newsroom Reporter
John Scanlan
as Board Member
Robert Weil
as Mail Room Boss
I.M. Hobson
as Board Member
Donna Isaacson
Philip Loch
as Mailroom Screamer
Dick Sasso
as Drunk in Alley
Richard Schiff
as Mailroom Screamer
Jerome Dempsey
as Board Member
Peter Siragusa
as Newsroom Reporter
David Fawcett
as Newsroom Reporter
James Deuter
as New Year's Mob
Pat Cranshaw
as Ancient Sorter
William Duff-Griffin
as Newsreel Scientist
Harry Bugin
as Aloysius
Nelson George
as Newsroom Reporter
Bill Cobbs
as Moses
Noble Willingham
as Zebulon Cardoza
John Lyons
Christopher Darga
as Mail Room Orienter


Joel Coen
Ethan Coen
Ethan Coen
Joel Coen
Sam Raimi
Roger Deakins
Carter Burwell
Composer (Music Score)
Thom Noble
Alma Kuttruff
Production Designer
Dennis Gassner
Production Designer
Leslie McDonald
Art Director
Graham Place
Tim Bevan
Executive Producer
Eric Fellner
Executive Producer
Richard Hornung
Costume Designer
Donna Isaacson
John Lyons