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The House of Rothschild Details


George Arliss plays Nathan Rothschild, the head of a family of celebrated 19th century Jewish bankers. Despite the anti-semitic efforts of a powerful politico (Boris Karloff), Rothschild moves in the best European social circles. He is ultimately knighted for his services to the English crown, which include the financing of the Duke of Wellington's battle against Napoleon at Waterloo. This being a Hollywood picture, the political and financial intrigues have to be offset by romance--in this case the love affair between Rothschild's daughter (Loretta Young) and a handsome military officer (Robert Young). The final scene was photographed in the newly perfected three-strip Technicolor process, though for many years the TV distributors either removed this sequence or reprinted it in black and white. Designed in part as an attack against the burgeoning anti-semitism movement in Hitler's Germany, House of Rothschild was ironically exploited by Nazi functionary Joseph Goebbels, who redubbed and re-edited the film to serve as anti-Jewish propaganda! ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:April 7, 1934


George Arliss
as Mayer Rothschild
Boris Karloff
as Count Ledrantz
Loretta Young
as Julie Rothschild
Robert Young
as Captain Fitzroy
C. Aubrey Smith
as Duke of Wellington
Reginald Owen
as Herries
Helen Westley
as Gudula Rothschild
Alan Mowbray
as Metternich
Holmes Herbert
as Rowerth
Paul Harvey
as Solomon Rothschild
Ivan Simpson
as Amschel Rothschild
Noel Madison
as Carl Rothschild
Murray Kinnell
as James Rothschild
Georges Renavent
as Talleyrand
Oscar Apfel
as Prussian Officer
Lumsden Hare
as Prince Regent
Lee Kohlmar
as Doctor
Reginald Sheffield
as Stock Trader
Wilfred Lucas
as Page
Leo McCabe
as Secretary
Ethel Griffies
as Woman Guest in Hall
Leonard Mudie
as Tax Collector in Prussia
Gilbert Emery
as Prime Minister


Alfred L. Werker
Darryl F. Zanuck
Nunnally Johnson
J. Peverell Marley
Alfred Newman
Composer (Music Score)