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The Hills Have Eyes Details


Horror auteur Wes Craven followed his threadbare but horrifically compelling cult classic Wes Craven with this wonderfully demented morality fable about a bloody war of attrition between two extremely different families. The story opens on the journey of the Carters, a mildly dysfunctional extended family led by patriarch "Big Bob" Carter (Russ Grieve), as they travel across the California desert in search of an inherited silver mine. When a broken axle leaves them stranded in the middle of a former nuclear testing site, their attempts to find help lead them unwittingly into the territory of a savage family of cave-dwelling cannibals, the apparent progeny of the bearlike Jupiter (James Whitworth) and an abducted prostitute. Jupiter's eldest son Pluto (professional movie weirdo Michael Berryman) leads the first brutal attack on the defenseless Carters who, through necessity, are driven to equally extreme measures in order to survive. Though the film is not overtly bloody, the scenes depicting this confrontation are rendered with an unflinching directness, and the violations visited on the Carters are so brutal as to make the survivors' regression into savagery all the more convincing. No one is spared from the nightmare: Jupiter's boys have even kidnapped the youngest member of the Carter family -- a mere infant -- to serve as fodder for their next barbecue, and the baby becomes the main point of contention between the rival clans. Craven nevertheless refuses to take the easy way out by depicting his "monsters" as soullessly evil; parallels between either family's "values" are clearly drawn as the differences between the two clans begin to blur. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

  • Release date:December 26, 1979


Susan Lanier
as Brenda Carter
Robert Houston
as Bobby Carter
Virginia Vincent
as Ethel Carter
Russ Grieve
as Big Bob Carter
Dee Wallace
as Lynne Wood
Martin Speer
as Doug Wood
Brenda Marinoff
as Katy
Cordy Clark
as Mama
Janus Blythe
as Ruby
Michael Berryman
as Pluto
Arthur King
as Mercury
John Steadman
as Fred


Wes Craven
Peter Locke
Wes Craven
Eric Saarinen
Don Peake
Composer (Music Score)
Wes Craven
John Frazier
Special Effects
Moe DiSesso
Animal Trainer/Wrangler