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The Golden Child Details


Eddie Murphy followed up his Eddie Murphy success with this fantasy adventure that plops him right into the land of Ray Harryhausen and Indiana Jones. The plot revolves around a God-like youngster (J.L. Reate) known as a "golden child," who has been sent to Tibet to bring the gift of compassion to humanity. But the devil isn't idle, sending his emissary, Sardo Numspa (Charles Dance) to kidnap the golden child. Sardo absconds with the child and takes off to Los Angeles. In L.A., a beautiful Tibetan priestess named Kee Nang (Charlotte Lewis) seeks out Chandler Jarrell (Eddie Murphy), a social worker and self-styled "finder of lost children." She tells Chandler he has been chosen to rescue the magical child from the devil and save the world from evil. Before Chandler can let go of his first riposte, he finds himself holding a magic dagger, following a sacred parakeet, and under-going several trials by fire. He also falls in love with Kee Nang, who at one point in the film has to be brought back from the dead. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:December 12, 1986


Eddie Murphy
as Chandler Jarrell
Charles Dance
as Sardo Numspa
Charlotte Lewis
as Kee Nang
Victor Wong
as The Old Man
J.L. Reate
as The Golden Child
Randall "Tex" Cobb
as Til
James Hong
as Dr. Hong
as Kala
Tiger Chung Lee
as Khan
Pons Maar
as Fu
Peter Kwong
as Tommy Tong
Eric Douglas
as Yellow Dragon
Frank Welker
as The Thing
Marilyn Schreffler
as Kala
Chantara Nop
as Security Man #1
Wally Taylor
as Det. Boggs
Bob Tzudiker
as Businessman Customer
Bennett Ohta
as Herb Shop Clerk
Charles Levin
as TV Host


Michael Ritchie
Ed Feldman
Robert D. Wachs
Dennis Feldman
Donald Thorin
Michel Colombier
Composer (Music Score)
John Barry
Composer (Music Score)
Richard A. Harris
J. Michael Riva
Production Designer
Lynda Paradise
Art Director
Dennis Feldman
Gordon A. Webb
Associate Producer
Charles R. Meeker
Executive Producer
Richard Tienken
Executive Producer
Judy Cammer
Set Designer
Marvin March
Set Designer
Rob Hahn
Camera Operator
Michael Gershman
Camera Operator