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The Frozen Ghost Details


An installment from Universal's "Inner Sanctum" series (whose trademark featured an introduction narrated by a spooky disembodied head), this low-budget thriller stars Lon Chaney, Jr. as luckless stage hypnotist "Gregor the Great" who, after seemingly causing the death of one of his audience volunteers, is forced to go into hiding. He is eventually offered a job by Rudi Poldan (Martin Kosleck), assistant curator of a wax museum. This apparent stroke of good fortune is actually part of a nefarious scheme concocted by Gregor's sleazy manager (Milburn Stone), with whose assistance Rudi hopes to drive the unbalanced performer off the deep end and steal away his girlfriend (Evelyn Ankers). Chaney's performance is less than compelling and fails to give this low-rent programmer the melodramatic boost it desperately needs. Despite the title, no ghosts actually appear -- frozen or thawed. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

  • Release date:June 1, 1945


Lon Chaney, Jr.
as Alex Gregor
Evelyn Ankers
as Maura Daniel
Milburn Stone
as George Keene
Elena Verdugo
as Nina Coudreau
Arthur Hohl
as Skeptic
Tala Birell
as Valerie Monet
Douglas Dumbrille
as Inspector Brant
Martin Kosleck
as Rudy Poldan
Douglas Dumbrille
as Inspector Brant
Tala Birell
as Valerie Monet


Harold Young
Henry Sucher
Bernard Schubert
Luci Ward
Paul Ivano
Hans Salter
Musical Direction/Supervision
Hans Salter
Composer (Music Score)
Vera West
Costume Designer