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Five characters serve as metaphors for the five senses in this drama about human relationships from Canadian filmmaker Jeremy Podeswa. Ruth (Gabrielle Rose) works as a massage therapist; one day while giving a rubdown to Anna (Molly Parker), Ruth's teenage daughter Rachel (Nadia Litz) takes Anna's toddler daughter for a stroll in the park. However, Rachel loses track of the child and she's soon lost. While searching for her, Rachel meets Rupert (Brendan Fletcher), a voyeur who teaches her about the pleasures of observing others. Meanwhile, Robert (Daniel MacIvor) is a professional house cleaner with an unusually keen sense of smell. Convinced he can smell love, he starts to set up meetings with all of his former lovers to see if he can sniff out any feelings for him -- and, if not, find out why they stopped caring for him. Robert's friend Rona (Mary-Louise Parker) works as a baker but has no sense of taste, a severe occupational hazard. She also has romantic problems, thanks to the arrival of Roberto (Marco Leonardi), a man she met on a recent vacation in Italy. Finally, Richard (Philippe Volter) is an eye doctor who is losing his hearing. While this situation has left him horribly depressed, he meets a woman who helps him feel better about life. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:July 14, 2000


Awarded by
Genie Awards Janice Ierulli Best Sound Editing 1999 Nominee
Genie Awards Jeremy Podeswa Best Director 1999 Winner
Genie Awards Jeremy Podeswa Best Original Screenplay 1999 Nominee
Genie Awards Lou Solakofski Best Sound 1999 Nominee
Genie Awards Taavo Soodor Best Art Direction 1999 Nominee
Genie Awards Mary-Louise Parker Best Actress 1999 Nominee
Genie Awards Darryl Dennis Deegan Best Art Direction 1999 Nominee
Genie Awards Daniel MacIvor Best Actor 1999 Nominee
Genie Awards Ed Douglas Best Sound Editing 1999 Nominee
Genie Awards Erica Milo Best Art Direction 1999 Nominee
Genie Awards Gregory Middleton Best Cinematography 1999 Nominee


Jeremy Podeswa
Jeremy Podeswa
Camelia Frieberg
Jeremy Podeswa
Gregory Middleton
Alexina Louie
Composer (Music Score)
Alex Pauk
Composer (Music Score)
Wiebke Von Carolsfeld
Taavo Soodor
Production Designer
Erica Milo
Art Director
Darryl Dennis Deegan
Art Director
Ted East
Executive Producer
David R. Ginsburg
Executive Producer
Charlotte Mickie
Executive Producer
Lou Solakofski
Sound/Sound Designer
Janice Ierulli
Sound Editor
Ed Douglas
Sound Editor