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The Emperor's New Groove Details


A ruler learns how the other half lives -- the animal half, that is -- in this animated comedy-adventure from the Walt Disney Studios. Kuzco (voice of David Spade) is the young emperor of an Inca nation who takes a self-centered joy in the troubles of others. Not surprisingly, Kuzco's attitudes have earned the enmity of many of his subjects, including Yzma (voice of Eartha Kitt), a sorceress who wants to seize power away from the emperor after he relieved her of her royal duties, declaring she was too old and unattractive to do the job. Yzma and her musclebound assistant Kronk (voice of Patrick Warburton) hatch a plan to poison Kuzco and take the throne, but thanks to a mistake on Kronk's part, Kuzco isn't killed -- he's instead turned into a talking llama. Kronk can't bring himself to kill the llama, and instead sends the former emperor into the jungle to fend for himself. Kuzco doesn't do too well as a llama until he runs into Pacha (voice of John Goodman), a poor farmer whose property Kuzco once planned to take over for a vacation home. Soft-hearted Pacha agrees to help the emperor-turned-llama find his way back home where, hopefully, another sorcerer can reverse the spell, but once they hit the road, they discover Yzma and Kronk are looking for them, with Yzma determined to finish the assassination she started. Pop star Sting composed several original songs for The Emperor's New Groove, which during its long and troubled production had previously been announced as Kingdom in the Sun and Kingdom of the Sun. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:December 10, 2000


Awarded by
Broadcast Film Critics Association Sting Best Song 2000 Winner
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Sting Best Original Song 2000 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Sting Best Song 2000 Nominee


David Spade
as Kuzko
John Goodman
as Pacha
Eartha Kitt
as Yzma
Patrick Warburton
as Kronk
Wendie Malick
as Chica
Kellyann Kelso
as Chaca


Mark Dindal
Randy Fullmer
Roger Allers
Screen Story
Mark Dindal
Screen Story
Matthew Jacobs
Screen Story
Mark Walton
Screen Story
Composer (Music Score)
John Debney
Composer (Music Score)
Pamela Ziegenhagen-Shefland
Paul Felix
Production Designer
Colin Simpson
Art Director
Patricia Hicks
Associate Producer
Don Hahn
Executive Producer
Terry Porter
Sound/Sound Designer
Dean A. Zupancic
Sound/Sound Designer
Tim Chau
Sound/Sound Designer
Mel Metcalfe
Sound/Sound Designer
Terry Porter
Sound Mixer
Mel Metcalfe
Sound Mixer
Ruth Lambert
Dean A. Zupancic
Sound Mixer
Albert Gasser
Supervising Sound Editor
Colbert Fennelly
Visual Effects Supervisor
Donald Sylvester
Supervising Sound Editor
Dan Hansen
Artistic Advisor
Mauro Maressa
Visual Effects
David Kern
Supervising Sound Editor