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The Dentist Details


In this spoofy horror outing from veteran genre director Brian Yuzna, L.A. Law vet Corbin Bernsen plays Dr. Feinstone, an anal-retentive Beverly Hills dentist with an amusement park of an office replete with Planet Hollywood-worthy, themed exam rooms, piped-in opera music, and a crisp, efficient staff. When Feinstone finds out that his lovely wife, Brooke (Linda Hoffman), is fellating the pool boy, he becomes unhinged -- haunted by visions of filthy mouths and faithless spouses. Inviting Brooke back to the office on their anniversary and begging her to indulge him in his hobby of cleaning her teeth, Feinstone performs a little unorthodox oral surgery and soon uses his now-disfigured sweetie to lure her boyfriend into a backyard trap. Revenge doesn't cure Feinstone's homicidal urges, however, and soon his violence and sexual obsessions spill over into his practice -- especially after creepy IRS investigator Marvin Goldblum (Earl Boen) shows up for a little "I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine." Soon, patients and staff members alike are interacting with drills and laughing gas in ways they never expected. Filmed for, and originally shown on, HBO, The Dentist did not receive a U.S. theatrical release. Yuzna, Bernsen, and Hoffman reunited two years later for The Dentist II: Brace Yourself. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi


Corbin Bernsen
as Dr. Feinstone
Linda Hoffman
as Brooke
Molly Hagan
as Jessica
Ken Foree
as Detective Gibbs
Virginya Keehne
as Sarah
Patty Toy
as Karen
Aixa Maldonado
as Maria
Sal Viscuso
as Matthew Zeiger
Diana Tash
as Opera Singer
Lise Simms
as Paula Roberts
Michael Stadvec
as Matt
Mark Ruffalo
as Steve Landers
Earl Boen
as Marvin Goldblum
Christa Sauls
as April
Betsy Monroe
as Young Female
Brian Yuzna
as Attendant
Joanne Baron
as Mrs. Saunders
Tony Noakes
as Detective Sunshine
Michael E. Rodgers
as Nervous Patient
Jan Hoag
as Candy
Shanna Corinne
as Student #2
Christopher Kriesa
as Mr. Schaeffer


Brian Yuzna
Charles Finch
Dennis Paoli
Stuart Gordon
Levie Isaacks
Denis Maloney
Alan Howarth
Composer (Music Score)
Chris Roth
William V. Ryder
Production Designer
Phillip B. Goldfine
Sheri Bryant
Associate Producer
Mark Amin
Executive Producer
Pat Scanlon
Set Designer
Warden Neil
Costume Designer
Ross Novie
First Assistant Director
Carol Lefko
Patricia Gundlach
Hair Styles
Patricia Gundlach
Cami Winikoff
Production Executive