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The Dentist Details


[[Performer~P23388~W.C. Fields~wcfields]] stars as the subject of this classic comedy short, which he also wrote the screenplay for. The dentist is a misanthropic, absent-minded sort who keeps an office in the same house that he shares with his rebellious young daughter. One morning she announces that she has fallen in love with Arthur, the iceman. [[Performer~P23388~Fields~wcfields]] won't have it, and scares the poor Romeo off when he tries to make his daily "delivery." The hubbub makes him late for his golf game. When he tees off, the ball knocks an elderly man out cold but he plays through regardless, trying to cheat wherever possible. Frustrated by a particularly difficult hole, [[Performer~P23388~Fields~wcfields]] loses his temper and tosses all of his clubs (and the caddy) into a water trap. Back at the office, the dentist locks his daughter in her room to prevent her from eloping with the iceman, and takes out all his frustrations on his patients (whom he refers to as "buzzards" and "palookas"). An attractive young girl naively bends over to show where a little dog bit her, a sophisticated society dame is driven into bizarre contortions while [[Performer~P23388~Fields~wcfields]] sadistically drills, and a strange "little fella" ends up with a mouth full of broken teeth and birds in his beard. Through it all, the dentist treats everyone with disdain, but his well-deserved comeuppance is on the way. ~ Fred Beldin, Rovi


W.C. Fields
as Dentist
Dorothy Granger
as Patient (Miss Peppitone)
Billy Bletcher
as Bearded patient
Emma Tansey
as Old Lady
Chester Clute
as Nervous patient
Joe Bordeaux
as Caddy


Leslie Pearce
Mack Sennett
W.C. Fields