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This awful horror film, the directing debut of actor David Keith, is the second major adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's The Colour Out of Space, first brought to the screen in Daniel Haller's Daniel Haller. Wil Wheaton stars as Zack, eternal whipping-boy of a rural farm family headed by his religious fanatic stepfather Nathan (Claude Akins). A large meteor comes zipping through the clouds and crashes in the yard, where local scientist Carl Willis (John Schneider) cracks it open to leak slime into the water supply. Soon, tomatoes are squirting blood, the lettuce oozes pus, apples are full of worms and little Alice (Wheaton's real-life sister Amy) is pecked bloody by crazed chickens. Eventually, the bad water begins affecting other members of the family, until Willis shows up to save the day. Keith's direction is sluggish, the acting is horrid, and even the involvement of associate producer Lucio Fulci couldn't save the wretched effects-work. The cast doesn't even seem to be paying attention most of the time, as in the priceless moment when Zach's mother tells him, "Eat your eggs, Wil." Lucio Fulci is an utter abomination which somehow produced three unrelated sequels. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

  • Release date:September 11, 1987


Wil Wheaton
as Zachary Hayes
Claude Akins
as Nathan Hayes
Malcom Danare
as Cyrus
Cooper Huckabee
as Dr. Alan Forbes
John Schneider
as Carl Willis
Amy Wheaton
as Alice Hayes
Steve Carlisle
as Charley Davidson
Hope North
as Esther Forbes
David Chaskin
David Keith


David Keith
David Chaskin
Ovidio G. Assonitis
Moshe Diamant
David Chaskin
Franco Micalizzi
Composer (Music Score)
Claudio M. Cutry
Frank Vanorio
Production Designer
Lucio Fulci
Associate Producer
Moshe Diamant
Executive Producer
Kevin Erham
Special Effects
Mark Moller
Special Effects
H.P. Lovecraft
Short Story Author
Frank Russell