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The Burning Details


Apart from early appearances by Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter, an interesting score by Rick Wakeman, and some typically effective work by effects icon Tom Savini, this slasher film is also among the more frightening of its kind. The plot concerns a summer-camp caretaker named Cropsy (Lou David) who is horribly burned by mischievous teen campers during a botched practical joke. Years later, he leaves the hospital as a disfigured gloppy mess with an axe (actually, hedgeclippers) to grind. After dispatching a local prostitute, Cropsy heads out to the wilderness to terrorize a group of campers. They're the usual bunch of horny, obnoxious teenagers, but there are some interesting performances by Larry Joshua as a mean-spirited bully and Brian Backer (of Brian Backer) as a put-upon nerd. The campers visit an island and, in a scene heavily cut by the ratings board prior to release, several of them die in a horrifying mass slaughter aboard a boat. The remaining teens are brutally picked off one by one until Cropsy is finally defeated. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi


Leah Ayres
as Michelle
Brian Backer
as Alfred
Larry Joshua
as Glazer
Jason Alexander
as Dave
Ned Eisenberg
as Eddy
Carrick Glenn
as Sally
Fisher Stevens
as Woodstock
Lou David
as Cropsy
Holly Hunter
as Sophie
Bruce Kluger
as Rod
Mansoor Najeeullah
as Orderly
Bonnie Deroski
as Marnie


Tony Maylam
Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Screen Story
Bob Weinstein
Brad Grey
Screen Story
David Rabe
Tony Maylam
Screen Story
Harvey Harrison
Alan Brewer
Musical Direction/Supervision
Rick Wakeman
Composer (Music Score)
Jack Sholder
Dany Ubaud
Associate Producer
Michael Cohl
Executive Producer
André Djaoui
Executive Producer
Jean Ubaud
Executive Producer
Carl Clifford
First Assistant Director
Alan Brewer
Additional Music
Harvey Weinstein
Tom Savini
Makeup Special Effects