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The Boy Who Had Everything Details


[[Performer~P14523~Jason Connery~jasonconnery]] (son of [[Performer~P10646~Sean Connery~seanconnery]]) stars as Johnny Kirkland in this slightly uneven teen drama about facing down obstacles at college and at home. When Johnny goes off to the university, he is leaving behind an aloof and alcoholic mother ([[Performer~P13205~Diane Cilento~dianecilento]], [[Performer~P14523~Jason Connery~jasonconnery]]'s real-life mother) whose recent divorce has further destabilized her emotionally. At school, his frat brothers latch on to the fact that Johnny excelled in his high school at both grades and sports and rather than hope his success will continue, they do everything they can to "bring him down to size." Apparently, their own size is quite small, indeed, barely visible to the naked eye if their loutish behavior is any yardstick. Compounding these problems are Johnny's troubles with his girlfriend Robin ([[Performer~P76503~Laura Williams~lauriewilliams]]) -- can life get any worse? Most likely not, but how it gets better is the focus in the rest of the film. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Lewis Fitz-Gerald
as Peter Vandevelt
Nique Needles
as Graham Cummerford
Ian Gilmour
as Pollock
Caz Lederman
as First Prostitute
Michael Gow
as Kaplin
James Condon
as Television Newsreader
Jason Connery
as John Kirkland
David Slingsby
as Performer in Play - Father
Monroe Reimers
as Afferson
Howard Vernon
as Singing Man
Diane Cilento
as Mother


Stephen Wallace
Stephen Wallace
Geoff Burton
Henry Dangar