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The Boys of St. Vincent Details


The great achievement of The Boys of St. Vincent is not that it deals with the controversial subject of pedophilia among Catholic clergy, but that it deals with that subject so honestly, without resorting to melodramatics. At the core of this powerful film lies Henry Czerny's searing performance as Brother Peter Lavin. Czerny deftly shows in the film's first half how Lavin used the double-edged sword of adult and religious authority to intimidate his charges. And in the second half, when Lavin is confronted with the monstrousness of his crimes, Czerny's ability to construct a plausible set of denials (if you had seen only this part of the film, you might be tempted to believe him) lifts the film above a simple case study. Lavin's character, a man who translated his own troubled childhood into pain and affliction for others, is one of the most fascinating psychological studies in contemporary film. Co-writer and director John N. Smith is also to be praised for tamping down the urge to embroider this story with unnecessary flourishes. ~ Tom Wiener, Rovi


Henry Czerny
as Brother Lavin
Johnny Morina
as Kevin Reevey, Age 10
Brian Dodd
as Steven Lunny, Age 10
Lise Roy
as Chantal Lavin
Sebastian Spence
as Kevin Reevey, Age 25
Brian Dooley
as Detective Noseworthy
David Hewlett
as Steven Lunny, Age 25
Timothy Webber
as Brian Lunny, Age 30
Sam Grana
as Monsignor
Sheena Larkin
as Commission Lawyer
Ashley Billard
as Brian Lunny, Age 16
Philip Dinn
as Mike Finn
Maurice Podbrey
as Arch Bishop
Mary Walsh
as Lenora
Greg Thomey
as Brother Glackin
Alain Goulem
as Brother Glynn
Kristine Demers
as Sheilah


Sam Grana
Claudio Luca
Sam Grana
Pierre Letarte
Neil Smolar
Composer (Music Score)
Colin Neale
Executive Producer
Claudio Luca
Executive Producer