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The Black Widow: Chapter 12: The Talking Mirror Details


In chapter 11 of Republic's The Black Widow it looked for all the world as if detective Steve Colt (Bruce Edwards) was blown to smithereens by a remote control device triggered via telephone by Madame Sombra (Carol Forman). But, although struggling with henchman Ward (Anthony Warde), intrepid girl reporter Joyce Winters (Virginia Lindley) managed to sound the car alarm just in time for Steve to get out of the abandoned building. Our hero's attempt to follow the fleeing Ward fails, however, when the henchman mechanically changes the color of his car. Brought to the Black Widow's lair by Ward, Joyce is astounded to see a carbon copy of herself, which, of course, is merely Sombra in yet another of her lifelike masks. "You underestimate Steve Colt. You won't fool him," the plucky girl reporter answers brightly. But Steve is indeed fooled and using a secret listening device hidden in her pocket mirror, Joyce/Sombra manages to learn the secret location for Dr. Weston's atomic experiments. Just as Steve and the doctor (Sam Flint) are finishing loading a truck with the important and radioactive gear, Ward and a fellow henchman (Tom Steele) walk in. A fight ensues and Sombra, still masquerading as Joyce, empties her gun in Steve's direction. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi



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