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The Aurora Encounter Details


Jack Elam enjoys a rare top-billed starring role in The Aurora Encounter. The heavily bearded Elam plays a 19th century Texas eccentric who besottedly welcomes a space alien (Mickey Hays) into his home. Upon learning of these nocturnal visits, newspaper editor Carol Bagdasarian (the wife of Carol Bagdasarian producer Ross Bagdasarian Jr.) begins writing them up in her paper. She then reports these curious sightings to the governor, played by none other than former Little Rascal Spanky McFarland. The Governer feigns disbelief, but sends ranger Will Mitchell to investigate, with orders to shoot any and all extraterrestrials on sight. Meanwhile, the space visitor proves to be a friendly one by rescuing three locals from a mine cave-in. Bagdasarian and the townsfolk attempt to signal the visitor and let him know that they mean him no harm, but they haven't reckoned with the trigger-happy Mitchell. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:March 7, 1986


Jack Elam
as Charlie
Peter Brown
as Sheriff
Carol Bagdasarian
as Alain
Dottie West
as Irene
Mickey Hays
as Aurora Spaceman
Charles B. Pierce
as Preacher
Will Mitchell
as Ranger
Carly McCullough
as Ginger
Bob Lewis
as Printer
Foster Litton
as Bartender
Paula Barrett
as Secretary
George "Spanky" McFarland
as Governor
Louis Lane
as 1st Woman


Jim McCullough Sr.
Jim McCullough Sr.
Fred T. Kuehnert
Executive Producer