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The Arrogant Details


Giovanni (Gary Graham) is an addled motorcyclist who is on the run from his brothers-in-law after killing his wife's father. Besides being upset about the murder of their dad, they are rather ticked off that he's been making love to his wife's sister (and theirs) on the side. All in all, his life-expectancy is nil, so perhaps it's just as well that he thinks he's God. Along the way, he picks up Julie (Sylvia Kristel), a hitchhiker on her way to her waitress job. Rather than deliver her to work, he has an affair with her, they talk a lot, and then the two of them pick up another couple for sexual variety. By the end of the film, what with one thing and another, Julie is convinced that Giovanni died in an accident, but he shows up anyway, wearing a surprising costume. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

  • Release date:March 27, 1987