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That Darn Cat Details


The original Disney feature film, That Darn Cat, was a feel-good hit in 1965, thanks largely to stars such as Hayley Mills, Roddy McDowall, and William Demarest. This 1996 remake also closely follows the novel Undercover Cat by Mildred Gordon and Gordon Gordon and features Christina Ricci in the Hayley Mills role. In a small Massachusetts town, two bumbling criminals mistakenly kidnap a maid, thinking her to be the wife of a prominent businessman. D.C., short for Darn Cat, is an alley cat who, while looking for his nightly snack, stumbles upon the kidnap victim, bound and gagged in a shed. The kidnap victim scratches a plea for help on the back of her wristwatch and puts it around the cat's neck. Patti (Ricci) finds the watch and links it to the missing maid. Playing amateur detective, she enlists the aid of an FBI agent, Zeke (Doug E. Doug), who has been assigned to the case. Patti and Zeke follow D.C. through tight openings to track down the captive. The cat also leads them to the woman's abductors (Peter Boyle and Rebecca Schull) and to a climactic car chase. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi


Christina Ricci
as Patti
Doug E. Doug
as Zeke
Dean Jones
as Mr. Flint
George Dzundza
as Boetticher
Dyan Cannon
as Mrs. Flint
Peter Boyle
as Pa
Michael McKean
as Peter Randall
Estelle Parsons
as Old Lady McCracken
Mark Christopher Lawrence
as Rollo
John Ratzenberger
as Dusty
Tom Wilson
as Melvin
Rebecca Schull
as Ma
Brian Haley
as Marvin
Bess Armstrong
as Judy Randall
Rebecca Koon
as Lizzie
Megan Cavanagh
as Lu


Robert Simonds
Larry Karaszewski
Jerzy Zielinski
Roger Barton
Jonathan Carlson
Production Designer
Ross Fanger
Richard Harris
Associate Producer
Andrew Gottlieb
Executive Producer
Marie France
Costume Designer
Walter Anderson
Sound/Sound Designer
Gary Zuckerbrod
Mildred Gordon
From Screenplay by
Bill Walsh
From Screenplay by