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A Test of Love Details


This emotional true story is about Annie O'Farrell (Tina Arhondis -- who suffered brain damage at birth and as a result was later institutionalized with other children like herself, physically unable to mature past the age of 8 or 9, even though in chronological years they are much older. When therapist Jessica Hathaway (Angela Punch McGregor meets Annie for the first time, her interactions with the girl tell her that she has been misdiagnosed. Convinced that Annie's mind is functioning perfectly well, Jessica runs up against solid opposition from Annie's parents and has to bide her time until the girl reaches the age of 18. At that point, Jessica obtains an injunction to get Annie released from the home -- and begins her own session of therapy. Due to the non-fictional content of the film, the disagreements between Jessica and Annie's parents are sidelined, and, as in many other films of this type, the unusual court battles and subsequent change in the disabled patient are dramatic but not in keeping with the day-to-day reality of patients and clinical staff working to make small steps towards progress -- with never a chance for any miraculous recovery in the vast majority of cases. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Drew Forsythe
as David Lewis
Tina Arhondis
as Annie O'Farrell
Charles "Bud" Tingwell
as The Judge
Monica Maughan
as Vera Peters
Philippa Baker
as Sister Waterman
Liddy Clark
as Sally Clements
John Frawley
as Harding
Alistair Duncan
as Hopgood
Simon Chilvers
as Metcalf
Elaine McKennar
as Nurse
Catherine Vincenzini
as Elizabeth Potter
Andrea Milner
as Noelene
Michael Edgar
as Young Solicitor
Jenny Warner
as Rosie Hughes
Dean Gerrity
as Dennis
Kathy Kerry
as Yugoslav Attendant No. 1
John Larking
as Crash Driver
Karen Wise
as Katherine O'Farrell
Colin Williams
as Jessica's Brother
Judith Graham
as Mrs. Hathaway
Joy Westmore
as Receptionist
Carl Bleazby
as Bill Hathaway
Maureen Bailey
as Sister-in-Law
Craig Hargreaves
as Mark
Jennifer Hearne
as Mrs. Hathaway's Sister
Steven McCarthy
as Philip
Tom Stankovic
as David's Friend
Kim Bilston
as Nurse
Russie Taylor
as Phyllis James
Angela Punch McGregor
as Jessica Hathaway
Esme Melville
as Mrs. Arnold
Pattie Alexeff
as David Carlos
Laurie Dobson
as Mr. O'Farrell
Sue Dukic
as Yugoslav Attendant No. 2
Lyn Collingwood
as Mrs. O'Farrell
Stewart Bates
as Reporter
Philip Stammers
as Newsman
Ann Morgan
as Jessica's Sister
Matthew Simpson
as Stephen
Jane Neilson
as Bronwen Jones
James Wright
as Douglas
Wayne Cull
as Brother-in-Law


Don Murray
Chris Borthwick
Rosemary Crossley
Book Author
Simon Walker
Composer (Music Score)
Lindsay Frazer
Rob Perkins
Production Designer
Patricia Payne
Rosemary Crossley
Short Story Author