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Ted and Venus Details


Bud Cort's directorial debut is a dark comedy about a romantic obsession that leads to tragedy, featuring a wide array of cameo performances including James Brolin, Carol Kane, Rhea Perlman, Martin Mull, Andrea Martin, Woody Harrelson, Timothy Leary, and Gena Rowlands. Cort is Ted Whitley, a local poet celebrity in Venice Beach, California, who spends his time drifting along the boardwalk and delivering his beat poetry inspirations at a local dive. As he sits on a pier composing his latest art work, a vision of incredible beauty --Linda Turner (Kim Adams)-- strolls by in a bikini and Ted is immediately smitten. Linda turns out to be the manager of the agency that Ted has used to try to find a new apartment. He flatters her with his attentions and his poetic rambles. For her part, she likes Ted but doesn't consider him romantic material. Ted misinterprets Linda's friendliness for amorousness and when Linda tries to back off from Ted, Ted cannot be stopped. His out-of-control obsession for Linda turns Linda's once-friendly demeanor into one of terror. But Ted continues stalking her until tragedy strikes. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Bud Cort
as Ted Whitley
James Brolin
as Max Waters
Kim Adams
as Linda Turner
Carol Kane
as Colette/Colette's twin sister
Pamella D'Pella
as Gloria
Brian Thompson
as Herb
Woody Harrelson
as Homeless Viet Nam Veteran
Dr. Timothy Leary
as Judge H. Converse
Andrea Martin
as Bag Lady
Martin Mull
as Ted's Attorney
Tracy Reiner
as Shelly
Vincent Schiavelli
as Publisher
Arleen Sorkin
as Marcia
Rhea Perlman
as Grace
Gena Rowlands
as Mrs. Turner
Lily Mariye
as Rose
Rob Moran
as Patient
Carl Rumburg
as 2nd Cop
Jacqueline Chauvin
as Women's Group Head
Grif Griffis
as 2nd Woman
Cassandra Peterson
as Lisa
John Blythe Barrymore
as Patient
Pat Ast
as Women's Group #2
Rick Montgomery
Jim Maniaci
as 3rd Prisoner
Jerome Coleman
as Park Bench Lover
Pete Koch
as Cop #1
Victor Talmadge
as Orderly
Norma Maldonado
as Cop #5
Christopher McMullen
as Horseback Rider
Tricia O'Neil
as Judge Katherine Notch
Tony Genaro
as Bailiff
Roberta Wallach
as District Attorney
Chad Taylor
as Chainsaw Juggler
Mik Scriba
as Prison Guard
Barbara Leary
as Guest
Bridget Flaherty
as Women's Group #1
Zoe Cassavetes
as Waitress with Attitutde
Stefanos Miltsakakis
as 1st Prisoner
Tamara de Treaux
as Park Bench Lover
Dan Parada
Jack Eastland
as Club Emcee
Pat McCormick
as Marcia's Elderly Boyfriend
Shelly Werk
as Nurse


Bud Cort
William Talmadge
Krishna Shah
Randall Kubota
William Martens
Paul Ciotti
Bud Cort
Dietrich Lohmann
Peter Zinner
Katina Zinner
Lynn Christopher
Production Designer
Robert Stover
Art Director
William Martens
Associate Producer
Gene Serdena
Set Designer
Dana Weems
Costume Designer
Rosemarie Fall
Costume Designer
Chris Scheck