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Tarzan Finds a Son! Details


Tarzan Finds a Son was to have been Maureen O'Sullivan's final Tarzan film, with Jane getting killed in the final reel. But Edgar Rice Burroughs refused to allow MGM to kill his character, so MGM had to increase her salary a substantial amount to do a few more Tarzan adventures. Tarzan Finds a Son was also the first MGM Tarzan film in three years and it introduced a new character --Boy (Johnny Sheffield). Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) finds Boy as an infant in a plane-wreck deep in the heart of the African jungle. He takes the baby to his jungle home where he and Jane (Maureen O'Sullivan) raise him as their own son for five years. When Boy's relatives find out that he is alive, they are less than happy, since he stands to receive a large inheritance. An evil African tribe then captures Tarzan and Jane and it is left to Boy to try to rescue them. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Johnny Weissmuller
as Tarzan
Maureen O'Sullivan
as Jane
Johnny Sheffield
as Boy
Ian Hunter
as Austin Lancing
Henry Stephenson
as Sir Thomas Lancing
Laraine Day
as Mrs. Richard Lancing
Frieda Inescort
as Mrs. Lancing
Henry Wilcoxon
as Mr.Sande
Morton Lowry
as Richard Lancing
Gavin Muir
as Pilot
Morton Lowry
as Richard Lancing


Richard Thorpe
Sam Zimbalist
Cyril Hume
Leonard Smith
Gene Ruggiero