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Monologist Eric Bogosian's one-man theater piece Talk Radio, co-written by Bogosian and Tad Savinar, is searingly brought to the screen by Oliver Stone. Bogosian plays provocateur radio talk-show host Barry Champlain, whose constant espousal of his inflammatory views and ceaseless hectoring of his callers and listeners reaps equal parts love and hate. As his program rolls on, Champlain is revealed to be just as screwed up as any of his fans, if not more. And then he pushes one caller just a bit too far. In co-adapting the play for the screen, Stone interweaves elements of Stephen Singular's factual book Talked to Death, the story of a liberal Denver radio personality who was murdered at the behest of a militant right-wing hate group. One word of warning: if you're not a fan of the sort of radio depicted herein, chances are you won't warm up to this film. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:December 21, 1988


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Oliver Stone Best Director 1988 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Eric Bogosian Best Actor 1988 Nominee
Berlin International Film Festival Eric Bogosian Silver Bear for Outstanding Individual Performance 1989 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Robert Richardson Best Cinematography 1988 Nominee


Eric Bogosian
as Barry Champlain
Alec Baldwin
as Dan
Ellen Greene
as Ellen
Leslie Hope
as Laura
John C. McGinley
as Stu
John Pankow
as Chuck Dietz
Zach Grenier
as Sid Greenberg
Linda Atkinson
as Sheila Fleming
Park Overall
as Agnes/Debbie/Theresa
Mimi Cochran
as Girl #1
Michele Mariana
as Rhonda/Elderly Woman/Julia
Bill Johnson
as Fan #1
Bruno Rubeo
as Terry
Tony Frank
as Dino
Theresa Bell
Jan-Michael Vincent
as Michael
Michael Wincott
as Kent/Voice of Joe
Alan Corduner
as Vince/Morris
Robert Trebor
as Jeffrey Fisher/Voice of Francine
Chip Moody
as Announcer
Earl Hindman
as Jerry
Earl Hindman
as Black John
Earl Hindman
as Chet
Pirie MacDonald
as Judge Willard
John Seitz
as Rob
Anna Levine
as Denise/Woman at Baseball Game
Leigh French
as Newscaster
Rockets Redglare
as Killer/Redneck Caller
William de Acutis
as John the Baptist
William de Acutis
as Ralph
Kevin Howard
as Fan #2
Al Clark
as Larry
David Poynter
as Engineer


Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone
Eric Bogosian
Eric Bogosian
Play Author
Tad Savinar
Play Author
Stephen Singular
Book Author
Robert Richardson
Stewart Copeland
Composer (Music Score)
David Brenner
Joe Hutshing
Peter Jamison
Production Designer
Bruno Rubeo
Production Designer
Areni Milo
Art Director
Edward R. Pressman
A. Kitman Ho
Derek R. Hill
Set Designer
Ellen Mirojnick
Costume Designer
Joseph P. Reidy
First Assistant Director
Billy Hopkins