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The Taking of Pelham One Two Three Details


On a quiet midday in New York, along the Lexington Avenue subway line, the train designated "Pelham One Two Three" -- so named for its station of origin and time of departure -- makes its way down the East Side of Manhattan. One by one, three men board the train, and at 28th Street, a fourth man approaches the motorman ([[Performer~P8625~James Broderick~jamesbroderick]]) and points a pistol at him, ordering him to unlock the door to his cab and admit the man waiting there; meanwhile, another man points a gun at the conductor and threatens to kill him unless he holds the doors open and then closes them when the man talking to the motorman is aboard. Once on board, "Mr. Blue" ([[Performer~P111051~Robert Shaw~robertshaw]]) and "Mr. Green" ([[Performer~P3629~Martin Balsam~martinbalsam]]) halt the train between stations, while "Mr. Brown" ([[Performer~P32427~Earl Hindeman~earlhindman]]) and "Mr. Gray" ([[Performer~P21552~Hector Elizondo~hectorelizondo]]) seal off the lead car. With Mr. Green at the controls, the front car is separated and isolated in the tunnel with 17 passengers aboard, and then Mr. Blue presents their demands over the radio: one million dollars in cash, within one hour, or they will start shooting one passenger each minute. On the other end, Transit Police Lieutenant Zachary Garber ([[Performer~P46456~Walter Matthau~waltermatthau]]) must overcome his initial disbelief to deal with this threat, amid the confusion of a subway system that's chaotic even when it's running normally. With the mayor reluctantly aboard to pay the ransom, Garber must keep the hijackers from carrying out their threat while the money is transported, and keep the hotheads around him and on the police force under control -- and figure out how they intend to get away with a million dollars from inside a subway tunnel with police on all sides. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi


Walter Matthau
as Lieutenant Garber
Robert Shaw
as Blue
Martin Balsam
as Green
Hector Elizondo
as Grey
Earl Hindman
as Brown
James Broderick
as Denny Doyle
Dick O'Neill
as Correll
Mari Gorman
as The Hooker
Kenneth McMillan
as Borough Commander
Toru Nagai
as Mr. Yashimura
Conrad Yama
as Mr. Tomashita
Louise Larabee
as The Alcoholic
Beatrice Winde
as Mrs. Jenkins
Christopher Murney
as Dispatcher
Robert Weil
as Marino
Doris Roberts
as Mayor's Wife
Rudy Bond
as Police Commissioner
Sal Viscuso
as Ptl. O'Keefe
Carolyn Nelson
as Coed #1
Cynthia Belgrave
as The Maid
Thomas Barbour
as T.A. Chairman
Tony Roberts
as Warren LaSalle
Thomas LaFleur
as Older Son
Gene Gross
as Muscat
Nathan George
as Patrolman James
Lucy Saroyan
as Coed #2
Simon Deckard
as Ptl. Miskowsky
Anna Berger
as The Mother
Michael Gorrin
as The Old Man
William Snickowski
as Hippie/Plainclothes Policeman
Julius Harris
as Inspector Daniels
Lee Wallace
as The Mayor
Carmine Foresta
as Train Expediter
Tom Pedi
as Caz Dolowicz
Paul Nuckles
as Stunt Driver
Joe Seneca
as Police Sergeant
Jerry Holland
as Budy Carmondy
Gary Bolling
as The Homosexual
Carol Cole
as The Secretary
Jerry Stiller
as Lt. Rico Patrone
Burtt Harris
as Ptl. Ricci
Alex Colon
as The Delivery Boy
Joe Fields
as The Salesman
Harry Madsen
as Stunt Driver
Bill Cobbs
as Man on Platform


Joseph Sargent
Gabriel Katzka
Edgar J. Scherick
Peter Stone
Owen Roizman
David Shire
Composer (Music Score)
Jerry Greenberg
Robert Q. Lovett
Gene Rudolf
Art Director
Stephen F. Kesten
Associate Producer
Herb Mulligan
Set Designer
Dick Mingalone
Camera Operator
Alixe Gordin
Vic Ramos
Extra Casting