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In 1939 Hamburg, Germany, a group of teenagers express their rebellion against Adolph Hitler's Nazi regime through their affection for American swing music, British fashion, and Harlem slang. American and British big-band jazz records are among those banned by the Fuhrer, but the young men secretly get together with their friends to listen and dance to the music. As their escapades become increasingly bold, they each get into trouble with the authorities. Robert Sean Leonard stars as Peter, who ends up being forced -- by a prank -- into having to join the Hitler Youth with his friend Thomas (Christian Bale). They are both engineering students at the university, where Thomas' father was taken away for defending his Jewish colleagues. With Arvid (Frank Whaley), they pretend to be Nazi supporters by day while rebelling with the swing music by night. Kenneth Branagh, in an uncredited appearance, is a glib Nazi Gestapo chief who makes matters more difficult. Each of the boys must choose among family, safety, friendship, and freedom as politics impinges on their youthful exuberance, and the Nazis set them against one another. The movie was shot in Prague, directed by Thomas Carter from a script by Jonathan Marc Feldman, and released by Disney. Barbara Hershey appears as Peter's mother. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi


Robert Sean Leonard
as Peter
Christian Bale
as Thomas
Frank Whaley
as Arvid
Barbara Hershey
as Frau Muller
Kenneth Branagh
as SS Official
Tushka Bergen
as Evey
David Tom
as Willi
Julia Stemberger
as Frau Linge
Jayce Bartok
as Otto
Noah Wyle
as Emil
Kate Buffery
as Woman With Ashes
Karel Belohradsky
as Bismarck Owner
Jochen Horst
as Speaker at HJ Rally
Jeremy Bulloch
as Small Club Owner
Johan Leysen
as Herr Schumler
Deborah Aquila
Sean Pertwee
as Gestapo Arresting Berger
David Robb
as Dr. Berger
Petr Jákl
as Policeman in Marketplace
Nada Konvalinkova
as Pastry Shop Woman
Petr Lepsa
as Cafe Trichter Owner
Ciaran Madden
as Frau Berger
Mary Fogarty
as Mama Klara
Martin Clunes
as Bannfuhrer
Douglas Roberts
as Hinz


Thomas Carter
John Bard Manulis
Jerzy Zielinski
James Horner
Composer (Music Score)
Michael R. Miller
Tom Sachs
Production Designer
Allan Cameron
Production Designer
Tony Reading
Art Director
Michal Krska
Art Director
Steve Spence
Art Director
Harry Benn
Christopher Meledandri
Executive Producer
Frank Marshall
Executive Producer
Rosalind Shingleton
Set Designer
Jenny Beavan
Costume Designer
Garth Inns
Special Effects
David B. Householter
First Assistant Director
Marc Boyle
Otis Sallid
Paul Engelen