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Swing Vote Details


When the mischievous antics of a precocious 12-year-old girl result in the outcome of the United States presidential election hinging on the vote of her apathetic, likable loser of a father, the man who thought that life had long since passed him by is reluctantly thrust into the national spotlight in this political-themed comedy starring Kevin Costner. Bud Johnson (Costner) is your typical American -- a simple man and loving father who never would have thought he had the power to change the world. Though when election day finally arrives and Bud prepares to cast his ballot, his overachieving daughter Molly proves to be the catalyst for a stunning series of events that place the fate of the free world in the hands of a man more comfortable slinging cases of beer -- her father. The two candidates are portrayed by Dennis Hopper and Kelsey Grammer, with Nathan Lane and Stanley Tucci as their campaign managers. George Lopez also stars as a local TV-station manager who has to deal with the political factions as they set up camp in the small town. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:August 1, 2008


Kevin Costner
as Bud Johnson
Madeline Carroll
as Molly Johnson
Paula Patton
as Kate Madison
Kelsey Grammer
as President Boone
Dennis Hopper
as Donald Greenleaf
Nathan Lane
as Art Crumb
Stanley Tucci
as Martin Fox
George Lopez
as John Sweeney
Judge Reinhold
as Walter
Charles Esten
as Lewis
Richard Petty
as Himself
Willie Nelson
as Himself
Mare Winningham
as Larissa Johnson
Mark Moses
as Attorney General Wyatt
Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman
as Chief Running Bear
Shawn Prince
as Jed
Mary Sue Evans
as Mrs. Abernathy
Gary Farmer
as Curly
Adam Taylor
as Justice Brower
Bruce McIntosh
as Father in Classroom
Tom Romero
as Ad Exec
Tony Blankley
as Himself
Campbell Brown
as Herself
Tucker Carlson
as Himself
James Carville
as Himself
Matt Frei
as Himself
Mary Hart
as Herself
Arianna Huffington
as Herself
Larry King
as Himself
Anne Kornblut
as Herself
Bill Maher
as Himself
Chris Matthews
as Himself
Forrest Fyre
as Ted Drake
Ivan Brutsche
as Carl
Sheila Ivy Traister
as Vermont Reporter #1
Jeremy Jojola
as Vermont Reporter
Suzanne Michaels
as Vermont Reporter #3
Cynthia Ruffin
as Boone Staffer #1
Jason Henning
as Boone Staffer #2
Les Shapiro
as Network Reporter
Cynthia Strauss
as Darlene
Chance Romero
as Pizza Delivery Guy
Colin Jones
as KNME Techie
Trista Callander
as Commercial Director
Shauna Clark
as Market Reporter #2
Debra-Jayne Brown
as Market Reporter #3
Price Hall
as Market Reporter #4
Olajida Kashu
as Gay Doctor
Jessica Morin
as Gay Female Cop
Tim Janis
as Gay Soldier
Brent Lambert
as Gay Partner #2
Christopher Dempsey
as Secret Service Agent #1
David Meeker
as Secret Service Agent #2
Janeal Arison
as TV Producer
Madelin Whelpley
as Female Student #1
Alyssa Gutierrez
as Female Student #2
David Midthunder
as Female Student #3
Taylor Warden
as Male Student #1
Isaiah Bergert
as Male Student #3
Arron Shiver
as Greenleaf Aide #1
Kate Shroeder
as Greenleaf Aide #2
Heather Hitt
as Greenleaf Aide #4
Pierre Barrera
as Henry
Todd Lewis
as ET Segment Producer
Dan Gerrity
as Trailer Reporter #1
Cris Ornelas
as Trailer Reporter #2
Esodie Geiger
as Trailer Reporter #3
Constance Hsu
as Trailer Reporter #4
Katalina Parrish
as Trailer Reporter #5
Joshua Michael Stern
as Commercial Director
Mara Holguin
as Waitress
Blair Forward
as Bud Johnson's Band
Larry Cobb
as Bud Johnson's Band
Bobby Yang
as Bud Johnson's Band
Mark Thomason
as Stand-In to Mr. Costner
David Cowgill
Patrick Falls
Tim Carlson
as Stand-In
Laurie Petok
Trine Christiansen
as Stand-In
Jonathan Nichols
Marquelyn Carrillo
as Stand-In
Al Rodrigo
Bob Neill
Eileen Galindo
Bridget Hoffman
Luisa Leschin
Richard Miro


Joshua Michael Stern
Kevin Costner
Jason Richman
Jim Wilson
Jason Richman
Joshua Michael Stern
Shane Hurlbut
John Debney
Composer (Music Score)
Jeff McEvoy
Steve Saklad
Production Designer
Mark Zuelzke
Art Director
Paris Kasidokostas Latsis
Executive Producer
Ted Field
Executive Producer
Robin Jonas
Executive Producer
Terry Dougas
Executive Producer
Lynn Bernay
Costume Designer
Lisa Jensen
Costume Designer
Lora Rael
Costume Designer
Jesse Trevino
Costume Designer
Blanca R. Garcia
Costume Designer
Cassidy Zachary
Costume Designer
Claire Breaux
Costume Designer
Venus Kanani
Mary Vernieu
Elizabeth Gabel
Mark Dornfeld
Visual Effects Supervisor
Eddie Fernandez
Stunts Coordinator
John Koyama
Stunts Coordinator
Al Goto
Stunts Coordinator
Todd Lewis
Line Producer