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British filmmaker Peter Yates directs Suspect, a suspenseful courtroom drama set in Washington, D.C. After a Supreme Court justice commits suicide and a Justice Department secretary is found dead, a deaf-mute homeless veteran, Carl Wayne Anderson (Liam Neeson), is the suspected killer. Lonely yet dedicated public defender Kathleen Riley (Cher) is assigned to the case to represent Anderson. Suave lobbyist Eddie Sanger (Dennis Quaid) is on the jury, but he starts his own investigation by finding clues that prove Anderson's innocence. He shares his information with Kathleen, even though they could get arrested for talking about the case. Eventually, they develop a romance and reveal a conspiracy that leads to a twist ending. The mysterious conclusion involves a final courtroom scene presided over by Judge Matthew Helms (played by character actor John Mahoney, who would go on to co-star on the sitcom John Mahoney). ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

  • Release date:October 23, 1987


as Kathleen Riley, Public Defender
Dennis Quaid
as Eddie Sanger, Lobbyist
Liam Neeson
as Carl Wayne Anderson
John Mahoney
as Judge Matthew Helms
Joe Mantegna
as Assistant U.S. Attorney Charlie Stella
Philip Bosco
as Assistant U.S. Attorney General Paul Gray
E. Katherine Kerr
as Congressperson Grace Comisky
Fred Melamed
as Morty Rosenthal
Michael Beach
as Parking Lot Attendant
Sandi Ross
as Doris, Video Typist
Darryl Palmer
as Assistant U.S. Attorney
Lisbeth Bartlett
as Marilyn
Tony Craig
as Hotel Marshal
Prudence Barry
as Bag Lady at River
Wendy E. Taylor
as Security Guard
Stefan Graham
as Marvin Johnson
Jack Jessop
as Mr. Davis
Bernie McInerney
as Walter Abbott, Eddie's Senior Partner
Robert Walsh
as Club Congressman
Bill Cobbs
as Arraignment Judge Franklin
Michael Emmett
as Waiter
Rosemary Knower
as Justice Lowell's Secretary
Billy Williams
as Dr. Alan Alpert
Katie O'Hare
as Elizabeth Quinn
Aaron Schwartz
as Forensic Pathologist
Paul D'Amato
as Michael
Djanet Sears
as Message Clerk
Ralph Cosham
as Judge Ansel Stewart
Myra Taylor
as April
Paul Hjelmervik
as Court Marshal
Greg McKinney
as Plainsclothes Cop
Gene Mack
as Helms' Court Marshal
Fred Strother
as Public Defender's Office Client
Siona Dixon
as Helms' Court Steno
Sandra Bowie
as Public Defender's Office Client
Richard Gant
as Everett Bennett
Sam Gray
as Judge Louis Weiss
Lloyd White
as Detective
Thomas Barbour
as Justice Lowell


Peter Yates
John Patrick Veitch
Daniel A. Sherkow
Jennifer Ogden
Joanne Pagliaro
Eric Roth
Michael Kamen
Composer (Music Score)
Ray Lovejoy
Stuart Wurtzel
Production Designer
Jennifer Ogden
Associate Producer
John Patrick Veitch
Executive Producer
Steve Shewchuk
Set Designer
Rita Ryack
Costume Designer
Joe Ramsey
Special Effects
Jim Fredburg
Special Effects
Pat Kehoe
First Assistant Director
Jeff Smolek
Howard Feuer
Irene Kent
Leonard Engelman