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Superman II Details


Between giving up his super powers, confronting criminals from outer space, and having problems with his girlfriend, it's a bad time to be the Man of Steel in this sequel to the 1978 blockbuster. When terrorists threaten to destroy Paris with a thermonuclear device as they hold reporter Lois Lane ([[Performer~P38064~Margot Kidder~margotkidder]]) hostage, Superman ([[Performer~P59343~Christopher Reeve~christopherreeve]]) comes to the rescue and flings the weapon into space. However, its blast outside the earth's orbit awakens Zod ([[Performer~P67541~Terence Stamp~terencestamp]]), Ursa ([[Performer~P19885~Sarah Douglas~sarahdouglas]]), and Non ([[Performer~P53455~Jack O'Halloran~jackohalloran]]), three villains from Superman's home planet of Krypton who were exiled to outer space for their crimes. Zod and his partners arrive on Earth and use their powers in a bid to take over the U.S., and then the world. However, when Lois realizes that mild mannered Clark Kent and Superman are actually the same person, he brings her to his Fortress of Solitude, where his decision to marry Lois costs him his remarkable strength. Without his super powers, how can Superman vanquish Zod and save the world? [[Performer~P29486~Gene Hackman~genehackman]], [[Performer~P4810~Ned Beatty~nedbeatty]], [[Performer~P78084~Susannah York~susannahyork]], and [[Performer~P14823~Jackie Cooper~jackiecooper]] return from the first film, which was shot at the same time as parts of the sequel. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:June 19, 1980


Christopher Reeve
as Clark Kent/Superman
Gene Hackman
as Lex Luthor
Margot Kidder
as Lois Lane
Ned Beatty
as Otis
Jackie Cooper
as Dino/Perry White
Terence Stamp
as Gen. Zod
Sarah Douglas
as Ursa
Jack O'Halloran
as Non
Valerie Perrine
as Eve Teschmacher
Susannah York
as Lara
Clifton James
as Sheriff
Marc McClure
as Jimmy Olsen
E.G. Marshall
as President
Angus MacInnes
as Warden
Gordon Rollings
as Fisherman
Marc Boyle
as C.R.S. Man
Shane Rimmer
as Controller
Pepper Martin
as Rocky
Roger Brierley
as Terrorist
Hadley Kay
as Jason
Dinny Powell
as Boog
John Ratzenberger
as Controller
Melissa Wiltsie
as Nun
Pamela Mandell
as Waitress
Robin Pappas
as Alice
Elva Mai Hoover
as Mother
Michael J. Shannon
as President's Aide
Leueen Willoughby
as Leueen
Hal Galili
as Man at Bar
Anthony Milner
as Terrorist
Don Fellows
as General
Eugene Lipinski
as News Vendor
Bill Bailey
as J.J.
Richard Griffiths
as Terrorist
Roger Kemp
as Spokesman
Beth Porter
as Football Fan (uncredited)
Tony Sibbald
as Presidential Imposter
Peter Whitman
as Deputy
Antony Sher
as Bellboy
Tommy Duggan
as Diner Owner


Richard Lester
Ilya Salkind
Pierre Spengler
Alexander Salkind
Mario Puzo
Screen Story
Mario Puzo
Leslie Newman
David Newman
Geoffrey Unsworth
John Williams
Composer (Music Score)
Ken Thorne
Composer (Music Score)
Stuart Baird
Peter Murton
Production Designer
Harry Lange
Production Designer
Maurice Fowler
Art Director
Ilya Salkind
Executive Producer
Sue Yelland
Costume Designer
Yvonne Blake
Costume Designer
Zoran Perisic
Special Effects
Roy Field
Special Effects
Colin Chilvers
Special Effects
Dusty Symonds
First Assistant Director
Tom Mankiewicz
Vincent Winter
Production Manager
Roy Charman
Sound Mixer
Ken Thorne
Roy Field
Special Effects Supervisor
Stuart Freeborn
Colin Chilvers
Special Effects Supervisor
David Tomblin
Second Unit Director