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Supergirl Details


A big-budget spin-off from the series of three successful [[Feature~V281438~Superman~superman[filmseries]]] movies, this film stars [[Performer~P66190~Helen Slater~helenslater]] as the counterpart to the famous comic-book superhero. Supergirl is Kara, Superman's young cousin. She is sent to Earth is search of a Krypton power source, a lost ring that has been turned into a paperweight. She disguises herself as Linda Lee, a meek high-school student. [[Performer~P53681~Peter O'Toole~peterotoole]] is Zaltar, a mad villain who wants to use the power of the ring to take over the world. [[Performer~P20518~Faye Dunaway~fayedunaway]] plays the evil sorceress Selena, who is also plotting to get the gem and uses her incredible powers of black magic in service of her scheme. Linda Lee meets Ethan ([[Performer~P6971~Hart Bochner~hartbochner]]), who is under a spell cast by Selena, which causes him to fall in love with the first person he sees. Selena had intended to use the spell to make Ethan fall in love with her, and she is furious when his affections are directed toward Supergirl. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi


Faye Dunaway
as Selena
Helen Slater
as Kara/Linda Lee
Peter O'Toole
as Zaltar
Peter Cook
as Nigel
Brenda Vaccaro
as Bianca
Mia Farrow
as Alura
Simon Ward
as Zor-El
Marc McClure
as Jimmy Olsen
Hart Bochner
as Ethan
Maureen Teefy
as Lucy Lane
David Healy
as Mr. Danvers
Sandra Dickinson
as Pretty Young Lady
Robyn Mandell
as Myra
Jenifer Landor
as Muffy
Diana Ricardo
as Mrs. Murray
Nancy Lippold
as Billy Jo
Sonya Leite
as Betsy
Virginia Greig
as Jodie
Karen Hale
Elaine Ives-Cameron
Russell Sommers
Bill McAllister
as Truck Driver
Bradley Lavelle
as Lucy's Friend
Jane Sumner
James Snell
Zoot Money
Beulah Hughes
Orla Pederson
Sandy Martin
as Selena's Astral Image
Gay Baynes
Sally Cranfield
as Argonian Teacher
Ron Travis
Keith Edwards
as Lucy's Friend
April Olrich
Martha Parsey
Kelly Hunter
Matt Frewer
as Truck Driver
Glory Annen
as Midvale Protester


Jeannot Szwarc
Pierre Spengler
Timothy Burrill
Alexander Salkind
David Odell
Alan Hume
Jerry Goldsmith
Composer (Music Score)
Malcolm Cooke
Terry Ackland-Snow
Art Director
Ilya Salkind
Executive Producer
Peter Young
Set Designer
Emma Porteous
Costume Designer
Robin Gregory
Sound/Sound Designer
Derek Ball
Sound/Sound Designer
Lynn Stalmaster
Ann Brodie
Alf Joint
Stunts Coordinator
John Evans
Special Effects Supervisor