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The Fantozzi character was created by Paolo Villaggio, based on stories he had written, and first appeared onscreen in 1975. Between then and 1987, six films featuring this hapless and much put-upon sad-sack man were made, and their great popularity was such that they continued to be made for years after that. By the time this film was made, the very word "Fantozzi" conjured up visions of a loser of epic proportions for almost any Italian. Thus, it seems only natural that this film explores all the Fantozzis of human history, beginning in the Garden of Eden. Even there, in paradise, he is the low man on the ladder of creation and is married to his shrewish wife Pina and suffers from having to look at his magnificently ugly daughter, Mariangela. God, it seems, was only practicing when he made Fantozzi and his family; Adam and Eve were his finished products. Since that time, Fantozzi families have appeared in every era, and in every era they have had a difficult time of it, as this comedy shows. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Paolo Villaggio
as Ugo Fantozzi
Luc Merenda
as Adam


Neri Parenti
Augusto Caminito
Piero De Bernardi
Leo Benvenuti