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An average guy reacts to the frustration of losing his wife by adopting a crime-fighting persona known as the "Crimson Bolt," and targeting any criminal who crosses his path -- no matter how minor their infraction may be. Frank (Rainn Wilson) is husband to former alcoholic and drug addict Sarah (Liv Tyler), and he loves her with all his heart. Their wedding day was one of but two perfect moments in this Frank's life, but when Sarah runs away with charismatic drug dealer Jacques (Kevin Bacon), the loss was just too much for her mild-mannered husband to take. Subsequently transforming himself into the Crimson Bolt, Frank reasons that if he can take down Jacques along with the rest of the city's scum, his beloved wife will soon come running back. With his homemade suit and his handy pipe wrench, Frank goes to work cleaning up the streets and starts making headlines. But just as the Crimson Bolt becomes the talk of the town, sociopathic comic-store clerk Libby (Ellen Page) reinvents herself as "Boltie," and makes a play to become the controversial street hero's trusted sidekick. Perhaps by working together, the Crimson Bolt and Boltie can make an example of Jacques, and keep the streets safe for average citizens. But real life isn't like comic books, and sometimes when an average person tries to be a superhero, things can go very bad, very fast. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:April 1, 2011


Rainn Wilson
as Frank Darbo
Ellen Page
as Libby
Liv Tyler
as Sarah
Kevin Bacon
as Jacques
Michael Rooker
as Abe
Andre Royo
as Hamilton
William Katt
as Sgt. Fitzgibbon
Sean Gunn
as Toby
Stephen Blackehart
as Quill
Linda Cardellini
as Pet Store Employee
Nathan Fillion
as The Holy Avenger
Paul Taylor
as Frank, Sr.
James Gunn
as Demonswill
Matt Moore
as Jesus/Guy in Line
Rob Zombie
as Voice of God
Steve Agee
as Comic Book Store Jerk
Edrick Browne
as Nathaniel
Danny Cosmo
as Purse-Snatcher
Russell Towery
as Chickenhawk
Gerry May
as Newscaster
Valentine Miele
as Line Butter
Darcel Moreno
as Waitress
Greg Ingram
as Long-Haired Hood
Zach Gilford
as Jerry
Lloyd Kaufman
as 911 Man
Tim J. Smith
as Range's Technician
Mark de Alessandro
as Thug Jumped on by Boltie
Cole McKay
as Thug Set on Fire
Dominic Labanca
as Thug #1
John W. Lawson
as Thug Missing Arms
Gregg Henry


James Gunn
Ted Hope
Miranda Bailey
James Gunn
Steve Gainer
Tyler Bates
Composer (Music Score)
Cara Silverman
Matthew Leutwyler
Executive Producer
Rainn Wilson
Executive Producer