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[[Performer~P98309~Akira Kurosawa~akirakurosawa]] directs the black-and-white 1949 film noir Nora Inu (released in the U.S. in 1963 as Stray Dog). In his third film with [[Performer~P98309~Kurosawa~akirakurosawa]], [[Performer~P49015~Toshiro Mifune~toshiromifune]] plays young police detective Murakami. One summer day on a crowded bus in Tokyo, his gun is stolen by a pickpocket. Rather than face the shame of reporting his gun missing, he chooses to go out and find it himself (there were not many weapons on the streets of Tokyo immediately following WWII). While trying to locate the gun, he discovers an entire criminal underworld. He is eventually helped on his journey by superior officer Sato ([[Performer~P65330~Takashi Shimura~takashishimura]]), who seems to suggest that the young detective is indulging in his own criminal desires. The search becomes even more desperate when Murakami finds out that his gun has been used in several crimes, including murder. He then develops an obsession with finding both the gun and the killer. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

  • Release date:October 17, 1949


Toshiro Mifune
as Murakami, the Detective
Takashi Shimura
as Sato, the Head Detective
Keiko Awaji
as Harumi, His Girl
Haruo Nakajima
as Man in Bar Fight (cut out)
Reisaburo Yamamoto
as Hondo, the Suspect
Noriko Sengoku
as Girl


Akira Kurosawa
Shojiro Motoki
Akira Kurosawa
Ryuzo Kikushima
Asakazu Nakai
Fumio Hayasaka
Composer (Music Score)
Yoshi Sugihara
Yoshiro Muraki
Production Designer
Shinobu Muraki
Production Designer
So Matsuyama
Art Director
Ishiro Honda
First Assistant Director