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Stone Cold Details


In the early '90s, Brian Bosworth made the seamless transition from football bad boy to onscreen bad ass. In Stone Cold, the Boz plays cop Joe Huff, a brute force specialist. The FBI contracts him to take down a biker gang known as the Brotherhood, who have been implicated in drug trafficking and several murders. Joe assumes the personality of John Stone and goes undercover. His mission seems not to bust the gang but rather to kill with excessive force. Before he can take the law into his own hands, however, he has to get in with the gang's leader, the impressively tough Chains. The Boz doesn't disappoint, and he gets his chance in the final confrontation where he takes on several score of the Brotherhood in the street battle to end all street battles. ~ Brian Whitener, Rovi

  • Release date:May 17, 1991


Brian Bosworth
as Joe Huff/John Stone
Lance Henriksen
as Chains
William Forsythe
as Ice
Arabella Holzbog
as Nancy
Sam McMurray
as Lance
Richard Gant
as Cunningham
Paolo Tocha
as Bolivian
David Tress
as Brent Whipperton
Boyce Holleman
as County Judge
Jennifer Synnott
as Ice's Girl
Magic Schwartz
as Poker
Benjamin Rosenberg
as Domicci
Frank Ferrara
as 1st Henchman
Tracy Hutchinson
as Pool Playing Chick
Demetre Phillips
as Greek
Jerry Colker
as Market Psycho
Gregory Scott Cummins
as A.W.O.L.
Charles Stranski
as Police Lieutenant
Janis Flax
as Nurse
Maggie Egan
as Mother
Ron Recasner
as Police Officer
Illana Shoshan
as Sharon
Laura Albert
as Joe's Girlfriend
Robert Winley
as Mudfish
Billy Million
as Trouble
Matt Johnston
as 2nd Guardsman
Troy Brown
as 2nd Henchman
Michael Wren
as Martinez
Gene Hartline
as Leroy
Bill Gratton
as Judge Townsend
Josie Dapar
as Madame Lu
Kevin Page
as 2nd Mobster
Renee O'Connor
as Tinselteeth
Karen Abernathy
as News Anchor
Robert Prentiss
as 1st Mobster
John Terrence
as Minister
Paul Lane
as Vitamin
Tony Pierce
as Tool
Michael James
as Larry
Evan James
as Gut
Folkert Schmidt
as 1st Guardsman
John Hateley
as Hooter
Nick Dimitri
as Trucker #1
Tom Magee
as Mountain
Dave Efron
as 2nd Trucker
Branda Lynn Klemme
as Marie
Alfred Stepputat
as Smokey


Craig R. Baxley
Mace Neufeld
Yoram Ben-Ami
Walter Doniger
Craig R. Baxley
Alexander Gruszynski
Sylvester Levay
Composer (Music Score)
Larry Bock
Mark Helfrich
Edward Warschilka
Louis Mann
Production Designer
Richard L. Johnson
Production Designer
Andrew D.T. Pfeffer
Nick Grillo
Udi Nedivi
Associate Producer
Walter Doniger
Executive Producer
Gary Wichard
Executive Producer
Shawna Leavell
Costume Designer
Tammy Mor
Costume Designer
Cathy Henderson
Ted Chu
First Assistant Camera