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The Sticky Fingers of Time Details


Writer-director Hilary Brougher, during a four-week Super-16mm shoot, made her directorial debut with this low-budget time-travel tale about '50s journalist-novelist Tucker Harding (Terumi Matthews), author of Terumi Matthews. Transported from 1950 Brooklyn to the present, Tucker meets Drew (Nicole Zaray), who's just ended her relationship with used bookstore clerk Dex (Leo Marks). In the store, Drew stumbles across a copy of Tucker's novel and is intrigued to find, inside the book, a newspaper clipping describing Tucker's death 40 years earlier. Hilary Brougher describes this as "a story of two women, both New York area writers...entangled in non-linear time travel. There's virtually no special effects, so it's all in the head. The challenge is to make the audience believe that you're moving back and forth in time. And film, of course, lends itself to time travel." Shown at the 1997 Venice and Toronto film festivals. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi


Terumi Matthews
as Tucker Harding
Nicole Zaray
as Drew
James Urbaniak
as Isaac
Belinda Becker
as Ofelia
Samantha Buck
as Gorge


Hilary Brougher
Isen Robbins
Hilary Brougher
Ethan Mass
Miki Navazio
Composer (Music Score)
Sabine Hoffman
Glen Basner
Associate Producer
Steven Menkin
Executive Producer
Jean-Christophe Castelli
Executive Producer
Louis Robles
Executive Producer
Ruth Robles
Executive Producer
Wendy Chuck
Costume Designer
Rachel Connolly
Sound/Sound Designer
Callum Greene
First Assistant Director
Roni Deitz
Production Manager
Derek Yip
Production Supervisor