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A family goes through some changes when an unusual sort of drifter crosses their path in this independent coming-of-age drama. Jake (Danny Alexander) is a homeless 15-year-old kid with a fondness for stealing things and a precocious appetite for older women. Jake is passing through a small Montana town as he continues his search for the mother who abandoned him years before when he meets Tucker (Hunter Parrish) while stealing the radio out of his truck. Though Tucker is a bit older than Jake, Jake's rough-and-tumble existence has added a few years to his life experience, and after a scuffle over the radio, the boys become fast friends. Tucker brings Jake home for a square meal, and while Tucker's father (John Terry) is wary of the young drifter, he agrees to let him stay for a few days in the family's barn. However, it turns out Dad was right not to trust Jake; not only does he get caught stealing trinkets from Tucker's younger sister, he becomes amorously involved with a married middle-aged woman who lives nearby. While Jake tends to this affair and toys with the trust of the family who has taken him in, he also offers some advice to Tucker on how to win the attentions of Lily Rose (Paz de la Huerta), a neighborhood girl he has a crush on. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:June 10, 2005


Melissa Painter
Lisa Larivee
Lee Caplin
Carl Colpaert
Melissa Painter
Melissa Bretherton
Andrea Soeiro
Production Designer
Audrey Hall
Carla Corwin
Associate Producer
Courtney Hess
Costume Designer
Randy Babajtis
Sound/Sound Designer
Meg Morman
Shelley Roden
Foley Artist
Randy Babajtis
Sound Effects Editor
Brent White
Consulting Editor
Dhyana Carlton-Tims
Assistant Sound Editor
Jeremy Balko
Foley Mixer
Scott Hinkley
Re-Recording Mixer