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In this offbeat comedy, Jeff Bridges plays Craig Blake, a rich kid who works with a group of hard-living Southern real-estate men led by Jabo (Joe Spinell), who are buying up a business district in Birmingham, Alabama in order to clear the space and put in a new project. Craig is supposed to work out a deal to buy the Olympic Spa, a gym popular with local weight-lifters, but after spending some time at the club, Craig finds himself fascinated with the people there, especially Joe Santo (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a world-class body builder from Austria who sometimes works out in a superhero costume and likes to play bluegrass fiddle to relax. Craig also makes the acquaintance of Mary Tate Farnsworth (Sally Field), a feisty gal who hangs out with Joe. Mary Tate finds Craig attractive, but she isn't sure he's being all that sincere, and she wonders why a wealthy real estate man is hanging out with a bunch of low-rent gym rats. Stay Hungry was a critical comeback for director Bob Rafelson and kick-started the careers of both Sally Field and Arnold Schwarzenegger in their first major film roles (unless you count Arnold's misbegotten appearance as "Arnold Strong" in Bob Rafelson). ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:April 23, 1976


Awarded by
Venice International Film Festival Bob Rafelson Film Presented 1976 Nominee


Jeff Bridges
as Craig Blake
Sally Field
as Mary Tate Farnsworth
Arnold Schwarzenegger
as Joe Santo
R.G. Armstrong
as Thor Erickson
Robert Englund
as Franklin
Helena Kallianiotes
as Anita
Roger E. Mosley
as Newton
Woodrow Parfrey
as Craig's Uncle
Scatman Crothers
as Butler
Fannie Flagg
as Amy Walterson
Joanna Cassidy
as Joe Mason
Richard Gilliland
as Hal Foss
Ed Begley, Jr.
as Lester
John Carson
as Halsey
Dennis Fimple
as Bubba
Mayf Nutter
as Packman
Clifford A. Pellow
as Walter, Jr.
Joe Spinell
as Jabo
Roger Callard
as Himself
Laura Hippe
Clifford A. Pellow
as Walter, Jr.
Roger Callard
as Himself
Joe Spinell
as Jabo


Bob Rafelson
Bob Rafelson
Harold Schneider
Bob Rafelson
Charles Gaines
Charles Gaines
Book Author
Victor J. Kemper
Bruce Langhorne
Composer (Music Score)
Byron Berline
Composer (Music Score)
Nancy McArdle
Costume Designer
Robert Gould
Set Decorator
Richard Portman
Sound/Sound Designer
Michael Haley
First Assistant Director
Bob Westmoreland