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Stargate Details


This lucrative, elephantine-budgeted sci-fi opus paved the way for director Roland Emmerich's mega-hit Roland Emmerich (1996). The story commences in Giza, Egypt, circa 1928, where an archaeological expedition unearths an ancient ring with cryptic hieroglyphs. The film then moves to the present day, where Egyptologist Daniel Jackson (James Spader) is busily trying to convince a group of skeptics that the pyramids were not built by man, but by an extraterrestrial force. After the lecture, a military man approaches him and offers him a job translating the said ring; its inscriptions actually constitute a map to a massive stargate (or interstellar portal). The army sends over resident crackpot colonel Jack O'Neill (Kurt Russell) to travel through the stargate and see what's on the other side; Jackson accompanies him, and the two men turn up in a desert planet on the other side of the universe, with three moons in its sky. The world in question is ruled by Ra (Jaye Davidson), a hermaphroditic Egyptian sun god, who oppresses hordes of slave workers. Jackson and O'Neill then join forces to help the said workers revolt against their oppressor. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:October 28, 1994


Kurt Russell
as Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil
James Spader
as Dr. Daniel Jackson
Jaye Davidson
as Ra
Viveca Lindfors
as Catherine
Alexis Cruz
as Skaara
Mili Avital
as Sha'uri
Leon Rippy
as General West
John Diehl
as Lieutenant Kawalsky
Erick Avari
as Kasuf
Kenneth Danziger
as Professor
April Webster
Djimon Hounsou
as Horus
Cecil Hoffmann
as Sarah O'Neil
Erik Holland
as Prof.Langford
George Gray
as Technician
Richard Kind
as Gary Meyers
French Stewart
as Lieutenant Feretti
Frank Welker
as Mastadge
Jack Moore
as Lieutenant Reilly
Roger Til
as Professor
Rae Allen
as Barbara Shore
Gladys Holland
as Professor
David Pressman
as Assistant Lieutenant
Christopher West
as Professor
Scott Smith
as Officer
John Storey
as Mitch
Gianin Loffler
as Nabeh
Christopher John Fields
as Lieutenant Freeman


Roland Emmerich
Ralph L. Thomas
Dean Devlin
Joel B. Michaels
Marc Frydman
Philippe Maigret
Oliver Eberle
Dean Devlin
Roland Emmerich
Karl Walter Lindenlaub
David Arnold
Composer (Music Score)
Derek Brechin
Holger Gross
Production Designer
Donald Heitzer
Production Designer
Peter Murton
Art Director
Patrick Beaufront
Ute Emmerich
Peter Winther
Associate Producer
Mario Kassar
Executive Producer
Jim Erickson
Set Designer
Joseph Porro
Costume Designer
David Ronne
Sound/Sound Designer
Patrick Tatopoulos
Special Effects
Steve Love
First Assistant Director
Chuck Jeffreys
April Webster
Ramsey Thomas
Line Producer
Kit West
Visual Effects Supervisor
Patrick Tatopoulos
Creature Effects