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In this offbeat independent comedy, Spork ([[Performer~P453328~Savannah Stehlin~savannahstehlin]]) is an awkward junior high student with bad skin and worse hair. Spork has one other thing that causes her grief -- a penis. Though she lives as a girl, Spork is a hermaphrodite (hence her nickname -- "not a spoon, not a fork"), and her sexual ambiguity makes her the target of constant bullying by overwrought mean girl Becky Byotch ([[Performer~P658167~Rachel G. Fox~rachelfox]]) and her clique of harpies in training. Things are not much better at home, where orphaned Spork lives with her slobby brother, Spit ([[Performer~P21014~Rodney Eastman~rodneyeastman]]), and his sedentary girlfriend, Felicia ([[Performer~P31748~Elaine Hendrix~elainehendrix]]). Things start to look up for Spork when she makes friends with the highly attitudinal Tootsie Roll ([[Performer~P658166~Sydney Park~sydneypark]]), who embraces her as a fellow outcast in a school of obnoxious conformists, and with the help of Tootsie Roll, overweight Asian Chunk (Kevin Chung) and cheerful [[Performer~P277738~Justin Timberlake~justintimberlake]] fan Charlie ([[Performer~P689525~Michael William Arnold~michaelwilliamarnold]]), Spork learns how to dance and decides to show off her new moves at the school talent show. Spork was the first feature film from actor-turned-writer/director [[Performer~P385042~J.B. Ghuman Jr.~jbghumanjr]] ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:May 20, 2011