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As Alfred Hitchcock's classic psychothriller opens, the staff of a posh mental asylum eagerly awaits the arrival of the new director. When the man in question shows up, it turns out to be handsome psychiatrist John Ballantine (Gregory Peck). But something's wrong, here: Ballantine seems much too young for so important a position; his answers to the staff's questions are vague and detached; and he seems unusually distressed by the parallel marks, left by a fork, on a white tablecloth. Dr. Constance Peterson (Ingrid Bergman) comes to the conclusion that Ballantine is not the new director, but a profoundly disturbed amnesiac--and, possibly, the murderer of the real director. But is she correct in her inferences? Scriptwriters Angus MacPhail and Ben Hecht soon add to this the complication that Constance begins to fall in love with John. Director Hitchcock tapped surrealist artist Salvador Dali to design the visually arresting dream sequences in the film. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:December 1, 2011


Awarded by
New York Film Critics Circle Ingrid Bergman Best Actress 1945 Winner
New York Film Critics Circle Ingrid Bergman Special Award 1945 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Michael Chekhov Best Supporting Actor 1945 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Miklos Rozsa Best Score - Drama or Comedy 1945 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences George Barnes Best Black and White Cinematography 1945 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Alfred Hitchcock Best Director 1945 Nominee


Ingrid Bergman
as Dr. Constance Peterson
Gregory Peck
as Dr. Anthony Edwardes
Rhonda Fleming
as Mary Carmichael
Leo G. Carroll
as Dr. Murchison
Donald Curtis
as Harry
Norman Lloyd
as Garmes
Regis Toomey
as Sgt. Gillespie
John Emery
as Dr. Fleurot
Paul Harvey
as Dr. Hanish
Steven Geray
as Dr. Graff
Michael Chekhov
as Dr. Alex Brulov
Erskine Sanford
as Dr. Galt
Janette Scott
as Norma
Wallace Ford
as Hotel Stranger
Bill Goodwin
as House Detective
Dave Willock
as Bellboy
George Meader
as Railroad Clerk
Matt Moore
as Policeman
Art Baker
as Lt. Cooley
Clarence Straight
as Secretary at Police Station
Addison Richards
as Police Captain
Richard Bartell
as Ticket Man
Edward Fielding
as Dr. Edwardes
Irving Bacon
as Gateman
Victor Kilian
as Sheriff
Irving Bacon
as Gateman


Alfred Hitchcock
David O. Selznick
Francis Beeding
Book Author
Ben Hecht
Angus MacPhail
George Barnes
Rex Wimpy
Miklos Rozsa
Composer (Music Score)
Hal Kern
William H. Ziegler
James Basevi
Production Designer
Emile Kuri
Set Designer
Howard Greer
Costume Designer
Salvador Dali
Sequence Director